November 23, 2014


...no, no, no!
I just don't want to be without my gravity feed steam iron.  I've gotten so use to it.  It's weight and the amount of steam it produces is so important to quality pressing that kicks my hand sewn garments up a notch - for real

Seriously, at first I was actually afraid of it.  I didn't know if I could be careful enough with all that steam.  It seemed a scary contraption, but we have gotten soooo use to each other.  It's kinda like my relationship with my pressure cooker (for lack of a better comparison) haha.

Gotta LOVE a good pressing tool...

November 22, 2014


...my baby shears and thread snips.  All sizes shapes, all sizes.  I keep them posted in different areas on the sewing table and in different areas of the room.  I want them handy, within arms reach at all times.  I love them, wouldn't want to be without them. 

I want several more types and colors.  Kai has a short pair that I've placed on my wish list.  What do you love about or in your sewing space...

November 21, 2014


...mmmm yes, let's talk a little about our proverbial sewing (rooms, spaces, studios, or caves).
 Whether it's:
  •  a tiny closet (like mine use to be) 
  •  the kitchen table (I've sewn there too)
  •  your bedroom (been there, done that)
  •  your basement, or
  •  a dedicated room
  • I even know one lady that has a complete little house located in her back yard (refrigerator, television, bathroom and all) lucky girl.
 Whether we think it's the ideal place or not, there is something about it or in it that we love.  Why else would we spend so much time there?

Today I'm highlighting these beauties
My magnetic pin holders or cushions (as I call them) - I LOVE THEM.  Yep, I have a small collection (use to have 5 but gifted one of them) and really wouldn't want to be without them.   And would you believe that from time to time one of them will come up missing - go figure!  The lavender and dark blue ones are my oldest and most favorite.  They are made sturdier, heavier and don't come apart opposed to the two sitting in front. 

November 20, 2014


...oh yes, Amen!  I do love this jumper.  Remember, it's McCall's 7014, my knock off of a knock off of a Ralph Lauren Blue Label Dellora Tweed Dress that I blogged about here.  I love it when a project turns out exactly as I envisioned it - and this one did.

Forgot to take my point and shoot to work today so I had to resort to my cell phone.  My kids are teaching me Instagram and other technological things.  They are amazed and giggly to know that I am even interested in social networking but they all loved this jumper.  We snapped a few pictures just before we left for an early morning job shadowing trip.

Meanwhile, there are soooooo many potential sewing projects floating around in my head.  I just want to sew and sew, and sew up so many things.  I keep telling myself not to get so bogged down in planning details that it makes deciding on a new project confusing.  I have a few "I really need" items and lots more "I want" things to make.  Right now I need to concentrate more on cake rather than frosting...

November 19, 2014

WORK WEAR: VOGUE 8939 #3...

...I made this dress twice last year (one for myself and one for my Mom) both in classic black.  Back in the summer when I found this maroon sweatery knit Vogue 8939 immediately came to mine.  This dress has been ready for a couple of months (posted here) and today seemed just the right time to give it a test drive.   I don't mind having two of these dress in my closet one little bit, and might even give it one more go should I come across just the right fabric when ever I have time to shop through my stash.

I love this pattern - just four pattern pieces, made for knits and what attracted to me most is that it has no bust darts.  I HATE bust darts in a knit garment.  The dress wore wonderfully and just my style.  I can dress it up or down, it just really fits my lifestyle.

We've had some drastic weather the last couple of days.  Temperatures have dropped tremendously here as they have all over the country.  Yesterday a tornado even touched down in an adjacent county.  Thank God it only took out a barn and a storage unit - they said it was only on the ground for one minute.  The word C-H-I-L-L-Y was not enough to describe today making me decide that I need a new black coat...

November 15, 2014

MY KNOCKOFF OF A KNOCKOFF OF A Ralph Lauren Blue Label Dellora Tweed Dress...

...long title for a project that I think took me too long to make.
A few weeks ago I happened upon a new blog called That Black Chic and fell head over heels in love with one of her projects.  I even featured her blog and the project on one of my blog trippin posts.  I just had to have a dress like it, so I set out to make that happen.  I decided to make use of fabric already in my stash (a stripped tweed wool blend) and used bits of leather left over from a previous project.  The fabric was gifted to me a very long time ago so this ensemble really cost me nothing but time.

I did have to work up two muslins to make this simple McCall's jumper work, but I love the fit results so muslining was well worth my time.  Without further ado here is a picture of my knock off of That Black Chic's knockoff - of the Ralph Lauren Blue Label Dellora Tweed Dress.
My Rendition

Right shoulder leather trip and armseye piping

Left armseye piping

Both pockets have leather piping

Neckline with leather piping

Side view of the cap
I'll make sure I take a picture wearing it - hopefully next week.  Now I'm trying top make a decide what project I'll work up next.  Decisions, decisions...


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