November 20, 2017


...being "Ever Learning Linda", my eye and ears are always open to new/or refresher sewing tips. My "NOTABLE MENTIONS" posts are for me and for you.  With the magnitude of information that flows through our eyes and ears on a daily basis, it's easy to sometimes push things we learn way back on the back burner or forget things that we learn.  These posts offer a reminder resource that I can always flip back to when ever needed.  I hope that they are of benefit to you as well:

Burda's take on re-positioning bust darts

Oliver + S's  15 Tips to Improve your Sewing.  Every little tip helps us improve our craft!

I am always looking for great information on building a great capsule wardrobe.  I recently ran across this informative post on the subject on Verity Magazine.

Have you ever tuned into "THAT SEWING BLAB" broadcast on  It's all about sewing and people from all over the world who have a passion for it.  Hosts Dawn Pengelly and Myra Rentmeester feature a variety of these people every Tuesday evening at 7:30 p.m.  It's a live show and you get to interact and ask questions of the hosts and guests.  It's sew much fun, and well worth taking the time to explore.

Happy learning!!!

November 19, 2017


...thank you so much for following along with me on this 30 day challenge.  I do so hope that you are enjoying this series! If you'll remember, back in April of this year I revived my Annual Tops That Pop Sewing-A-Long.  I hadn't featured a sewalong since 2013, but had enjoyed hosting them so much in the past that I figured it was high time to give it life once again.  I had many wonderful contributors, and Vanessa Thomas was one of them. But be assured, tops aren't the only things she sews.  Vanessa is a marvelous seamstress so I thought you'd like to hear WHY SHE SEWS & BLOGS ABOUT IT...

Why do I sew?

I sew because I LOVE it!  It is my oasis in the middle of the weighty responsibilities of adulthood, lol!  There is something magical that happens when I enter my "sewing closet" and shut the door behind me--dreams are fulfilled, creative juices flow, and time goes by the wayside.  Above all, when I open the door and come out of that closet, I am peaceful, recharged, and radiant with glee!! Oh the joy of making!

 Why do you blog about it?
At first I wanted a place to keep track of what I've made, since I was mainly sewing for my children.  However, over time, I began to see the amazing community of those who sew!! I was inspired by their garments, and encouraged by their feedback.  As a result, I started creating my own personal goals that have enriched my sewing journey today.

Vanessa has a wonderful blog called  SEW FILLED TO THE BRIM that warrants looking in at.  There you can find out more about WHY SHE SEWS & BLOGS ABOUT IT...

November 18, 2017

#BLOGLIKECRAZY 18: I WANT IT ALL PANTS CONSTRUCTION... may seem I'm all over the place - #bloglikecrazy, pants construction, my Fall Sweet 16 challenge that I set for myself.  Well I guess I am all over the place, but it's my attempt to complete what I've started and meet my goals.  In my sewing world my goals overlap at times.

Sometimes the length of time it takes me to complete a project truly amazes me.  I actually started working on Vogue 9032 twelve days ago.  I am a slow sewer, I am easily distracted by the "Shiny" and the fact that I work 8 hours or more each day.  Sometimes there is NO SEWING at all for me during the week because the evenings go by so darned fast.  Most evenings my mind is still so focused on happenings of the work day, or the next day, that I cannot wrap my mind around pattern adjustments, cutting or sewing.

Last weekend I constructed the pants front:  pocket construction and zipper installation.  I found that I was not happy with the topstitching of the front fly, and had planned on removing it and starting over.  I am usually 99% accurate with zipper installation, but this one was just a little bit off.  I removed the zipper entirely and started from scratch.

Zipper application #1
Zipper application #2

As it turned out the thread color and the curved area were the cause of my total unhappiness with zipper #1.

As of this writing the pants have been totally basted for try on, and final fitting adjustments have been made.  All seams are pressed, and the project is ready for the waistband application.  I'd continue to sew this afternoon, but there's a bit of housekeeping that is chronically nagging in my head.  Maybe construction will continue tomorrow...

November 17, 2017


...short or long, you know I love a blog series and  have posted a few here.  So as a continuation of yesterday's post I reached out to several people who "SEW & BLOG ABOUT IT" and asked them for help in this series.  As I've mentioned before, the sewing community is so very sharing.

I won't even dare say just how many blogs I frequent; but there are quite a few.  Really, looking in and reading other sewing blogs adds to my knowledge bank, and gives me lots and lots of sewing inspiration.  It seems that I am always find new ones, and it is so nice and refreshing to get new points of views about this craft.

Have you ever seen a CAT IN A WARDROBE?  Well, if not, you are in for a treat!  Ever time I visit Eli there I get visions of Yoshino Cherry Blossoms dancing in my head!  She is so talented, and her garments are crafted works of art.  Here she tells you why she SEWS & BLOGS ABOUT IT...

Why do you sew?
I really love creating things with my own hands! I enjoy sewing, knitting, and making jewelry. Concentrating to make something is fun, and lets me meditate and heal my mind.

Why do you blog about it?
I want to improve both my sewing and English skills. However, I prefer to interact with people through my blog rather than improving those skills.


Please drop in to visit Eli at CATWARDROBE,  and and make sure you check out that fabulous Isaac Mizrahi plaid coat she made last winter; and the beautiful sleeves on the coat she's already made this year. It really made me swoon...