October 15, 2017


...I did mention in the original Fall's Sweet 16 post that I was inspired by the Project Runway Season title.  Not that I think I'm a designer, but the title motivated me to attempt a simple 16 piece capsule would give my wardrobe a great boost.  I'm still going along with that thought process, although it's going a bit slower than anticipated.  I had actually wanted to complete one garment per week to coincide with the PR season.  Project Runway started on August 17th - nine weeks ago (where did time go?), and now they are down to only 6 contestants.  Guess I should be on garment 9 by now - I am so glad I didn't put a time frame on this project...

Garment 2 is the Blackwood Cardigan by Helen's Closet - it's hot on the Indie Pattern circuit right now, and I was attracted to it - OF COURSE!  I tried to talk myself out of it, really I did!  Telling myself that it was just a simple cardigan pattern and I already had so many similar patterns in my stash.   I was really attracted to the sculpted shape, the cuff and the banded hem so when the pattern went on sale a few weeks ago I caved in and went for the PDF pattern.

I used a variegated mustard sweater knit.  It's light weight and I thought it would really do well for this pattern.  Originally I went for the longer version but the length really wasn't me, or maybe it was that I didn't like the drape of it in the sweater knit.  The front band was wavy because I did not interface because it made the band too heavy.  This was not going to work for me.

So I unpicked the bottom and front bands and cut the cardigan off to the shorter length.  Sewn and serged seams - talk about a trying job!  But I knew I wouldn't ever wear it in the longer version - cutting it off would give it a much better chance of being worn.  So yesterday was spent unpicking, shortening and re-attaching the bands.
The band is much less wavy and this stands a much better chance of getting worn.  I think I will make this pattern again (the shorter version) next time in a beefier knit, maybe in ponte.
Simplicity 1916                   Blackwood Cardigan
2 down and 14 to go.

I'm interested in your Fall Sewing Plans too!  Tell me a little about them in the comments!!!

October 5, 2017


...it seems that I have neglected my blog.  But you know me better than that - it wasn't neglect at all but rather - circumstances.  We had the aftermath of Hurricane Irma that not only knocked out my power for three days, but also the data disk that held 2 years worth of saved documents and pictures.  Then the stressful busyness of work played it's part.  And finally the fact that my sewing motivation just up and flew away with Irma.

Finally after much coxing just a little bit of the motivation has returned, and now it's time for me to get back to my Fall Sweet 16 sewing plans that I talked about here at the end of August.  My plans were not rigid or stressful, just a simple 16 piece capsule that would define my personal style for the upcoming Fall/Winter Season:

  • 4 Coat/Jacket/Vest or Cardigan
  • 4 Tops/Tunics/Blouses or Tees
  • 4 Pants
  • 4 Dresses and/or Skirts
Back in August when the plans were made I didn't even want to commit myself to patterns and fabrics that I'd use for the capsule. I just wanted to pull patterns and fabrics that struck my fancy along the way.

My first  project:

Bell Sleeved Hem
 I made a Modified version of View D with this TNT pattern. I added a choker tie to the surplice bodice; and changed the 3/4 length sleeve to an over exaggerated full length with a bell shape at the hem.  I remember buying this purple and white jersey knit from JoAnn's.  The printed selvage edge noted April Johnson 2010.  Do you remember April of Savannah from Project Runway Season 8 in 2010.  Do you think 7 years was long enough to let this fabric marinate?