January 7, 2019

Inspired to make McCall's 7660, View A...

...when my sew friend Sheila CKT made this pattern last week, not once but twice I thought it was marvelous and just had to have one for myself.  It so nice that we can find inspiration in the work of others, and if we really like it - we can make one up ourselves.  Now mind you, every inspired make doesn't work out so well for me, but thank goodness this one did.
I've had this pattern since it was first released, I think early in 2017.  Though I liked it, I didn't make it because I actually thought it needed to be made in a sweater knit and I didn't have one that was suitable.  Then Sheila mentioned that she made it in a regular knit (ITY or Jersey), of which I have plenty.
I eliminated the collar and installed a neckband instead.  I used the single fold neck binding method from Lynda Maynard's book "The Dressmaker's Handbook of Couture Sewing Techniques" page 40

works perfectly for me every time so why do I even bother with others? No measuring, no formulas, no stretching, no rippling. I just start with a 30" 1 3/8" rectangular strip - stitch and cut off the excess. Works every time.  I think this black ITY was perfect for this pattern.  This was easy make, but attaching the gathered sleeve to the cuff (whee) that was a little rough... 

January 3, 2019

Demystifying Pattern Ease...

...I still don't all there is to know about pattern ease allowed for different silhouettes, so I did a little self-study this afternoon.  I found the pattern ease chart for McCall's, Butterick and Vouge on the Butterick website but was not able to find the one for Simplicity Patterns.
  Can anyone tell me where to find a Simplicity Ease Chart???

I started a new Pinterest Board to keep up with the information that I did find here if you are interested.

January 2, 2019


...believe me, Christmas vacation is such a wonderful thing!  Times of not knowing what day of the week it is, and not even caring.  Days when you can spend the entire day in your sewing studio if that is what you choose to do - and that my friends is just what I did.

I also got to talk with my Mother each and every day of my vacation.  As you may have guessed most of those talks centered around sewing.  I must say that for a person who doesn't sew, my Mother knows and understands an awful lot about it - which is amazing to me!  I don't think she ever bores with sewing talk.  On New Year's day we talked about the time I went on a #2 Pencil Skirt making spree, and she mentioned that she'd like to have another one herself.  I was more than happy to oblige her and got to work on making two of them for her.

I pulled out a Tried and True golden oldie McCall's 6654
Just two pieces for me because I used my trusty serger application to attach the elastic and folded down then top stitched to create the casing, which eliminates using the separate casing pattern piece. I added a label and blind stitched the hem - Easy peazy! 
I still believe that every girl needs a #2 Pencil skirt in her life.

White and black snow leopard, and grey and black houndstooth check both from my stash.
Easy pieces just the length my Mother likes.  I hope she will get tons of wear from these two with her winter boots.

I got these done quickly so I could get them in the mail to her right away, but was able to save the cost of postage to her because my baby sister Patricia came to Georgia just for the day and stopped to pay me a short surprise visit.  What a welcome treat!

My new year has started out just right with sewing and family!!!

Inspired to make McCall's 7660, View A...

...when my sew friend Sheila CKT made this pattern last week, not once but twice I thought it was marvelous and just had to have one for m...