April 13, 2007


OK, just got the word this afternoon from Loni that she received the box that I sent her with the clothes that I had made her. Here's the skinny: she says the jacket and blouses fit perfectly but the pants are too large in the waist, hips and crouch. Well now I know. I won't be able to sew pants for her unless I am there with her to check on the fit while sewing. I took her measurements and bought the patterns according to the measurements but it still did not work! Well I tried, and I know that she appreciates what I did but I won't be able to make pants again...bo ho, bo ho. I'll just go to town on blouses and tops for her and hopefully that will still help her out with her work wardrobe. She said the jacket fit, and it is a easy pattern with a minimal number of pieces to it so maybe I can make her another jacket or two and she can just buy her pants and jeans.

Another thought, maybe she has an old pair of pants that fit well. Maybe she could send them to me and I could de-construct them to make a pattern. WE WILL SEE!!!!


  1. Hi Faye.I love your sub-title," a co-creator with HIM".It is so true.
    I'll be reading your blog often.It's beautiful.You've got great taste in patterns and fabric.I'll bet we have passed each other many times,in Hancock Fabrics.
    I've got to finish reading the rest of your posts.It's great.

  2. Faye - using the purchased pants as a pattern is a great idea! Definitely get them and try that. The wardrobe that you made for your daughter was so nice and if you can get the pants to fit she is going to be beautifully dressed. Thanks for the kind comments on my blog. I am glad that you enjoy it!

  3. Lisa; thanks for looking in on my site. I just started blogging a couple of months ago so I'm still a little rough. I have seen so many pretty blogs like yours. I also just learned to use a digital camera too - still got a lot to learn there as well. Yes we probably have passed each other in Hancocks - especially since I am practically living there lately. I was hoping you didn't think I was stalking you when I commented on your blog and told you I live in Warner Robins. Hope to meet you one day.

  4. Cmarie12; Thank you so much for commenting here. I feel just like I really know you. I have read your blog so often since finding it in January. I was with you all along while you were sewing your swap. It has been so nice watching somebody so "young, gifted and black. I love that red dress!!!



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