November 6, 2007


I remember making a two piece outfit years ago that I just loved and loved. It was a really simple to make and wear knit skirt and long sleeved top - maroon in color. I've loved cowl necklines every since and had been searching or just the right pattern since I've started back sewing. I saw this Kwik.Sew pattern made up by and just fell in love all back over again. I rushed out to buy it to discover that Hancock never ever has a Kwik.Sew sale so I had to lay down the full price for this one. I figure if I make it two or three times the pattern will have paid for itself so I won't cry over it that much. I'm now use to paying $.99 to $1.99 for patterns, with an occassional Vouge at $3.99. I bought this fabric in 2005 when I thought I was going to start sewing again but didn't. I was going to make a short cape out of it but never did. Now I think it will look great as View A of this pattern. Mind you, I have never sewn this type of open weave fabric - HOPE IT SEWS UP EASY. The pattern called for 3/8" clear elastic which I had never heard of, but was able to find at Hancock's today. Glad I was able to find it - would have been forced to use regular black elastic instead.

I cut it out last night - only 5 pieces. I have a black camisole that I think I will wear under it because the weave is open. Will post results when finished!

Having problems with my camera (see the date?) - it's not the camera, it's me. I'm one of those who hates to read directions on things like this.


  1. Hey Lady,
    I can't wait to see your outfit. Thanks for stopping by. If you ever plan to visit Chi-town, let me know.

    Happy sewing and cooking!

  2. That's a cute pattern and the fabric is gorgeous! Looks like it will be a quick project! Can't wait to see!



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