February 9, 2008


My blog turns one years old today. Happy blogiversary to me! Even though I didn't post for two months in that time frame I am proud of the fact that I have kept this up for a full year. It has turned out to be a really good way to journal and share my sewing adventures. During this time I have become even more passionate about improving my sewing skills. I JUST WANT TO LEARN AND LEARN AND LEARN! During this past year I have:
* developed some really good sewing blog friendships;
* I found me a sewing buddy who is just as passionate about sewing as I am, who shares information, and who really inspires me;
* become quite a copy cat in that I am so inspired by the fashions that I see others create...that I want to make them too (hope ya'll don't mind);
* actually created some projects that I really enjoy wearing. So my blog has been a good thing!

Now concerning my sewing progress I have almost completed this blouse.
Man oh man it has been a challenge. First of all it has 11 pattern pieces, I could have made a jacket using that many pieces. Secondly my fabric choice didn't make it much easier - it is very slippery thus hard to cut and hard to control while sewing. But, I am almost finished! I'm working on the cuffs now; then the hem and, finally give it a good final press and I'll be able to add it to my collection of finished projects...it almost became an UFO!

I suprised myself because I seem to be actually working on my 6 piece swap Goal without really realizing it. I started with the moleskin vest and pants. Then I finished my last knit top and now I realize that the blouse I'm working on (picture on right) also matches the vest/pants combination. All I need to add to accomplish my goal is 1 bottom, 1 top and a jacket. I could count the vest as a jacket because it's already finished but I'm not sure I'm all that much of a vest person. I think a jacket would give me more versitility than a vest. So I'll end up with a 7 piece swap instead of 6 which will be all the better. Next up I'll be making a pair of pants, a jacket and a top to complete this thing. When I set my goals initially I didn't feel I could commit to an 11 piece swap so I opted for the 6 piece one instead. I didn't know that I had already started it until last week during Lisa's visit when she said "That could be your swap". So I guest I could call this my "INCIDENTAL SWAP" or my "ACCIDENTAL SWAP". I am not usually a brown person, but both of the tops that I have made so far do have a little black and beidge, so I'm thinking about adding black pants and jacket.

A 6 piece swap yields 12 outfits. NOT WOULDN'T THAT BE LOVELY! Twelve outfits!, which means I wouldn't need to even think about what I was going to wear to work for 12 whole days. What a wonderful idea! A 6 piece sway involves:
* 2 Bottoms
* 3 Tops
* 1 Jacket


  1. Happy Blog-aversary! I'm sure glad you blog.I enjoy reading it.I like the sewing library list you've added.I can't wait to see that blouse.

  2. Happy Blogiversary! Sewing and blogging go together so well, don't they? I think my sewing has improved, now that I have people to share with. Keep blogging!

  3. Your blog is great! Keep it up!
    Pretty blouse you're making too!

  4. Happy Anniversary! You are definitely a rockin', bloggin', fashionista!



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