June 25, 2008


....this will be the last time I post before I leave on my trip (I don't know though (lol)). I love seeing what all you other ladies make, and I also love showing what I create. I had enough fabric to make another taupe tank (only shorter) to go with my tiger PJ's so I made it Tuesday night- added a bow on the pj top for a little DETAIL.

And from these I made ...

This top last week;

These white capris last night:

And this white knit cami tonight because I thought I had a white camisole but they all turned out to be light beidge. I needed this to wear underneath because the top is so sheer.For this total look.

Oh, don't I wish I could take my sewing machine on the trip with me...


  1. Wow you are productive! I think you must have made everything you will wear on your trip? Have a great time and hope you don't miss sewing too much!

  2. Fast work, Faye! Love the pink and white outfit. Perfect summerwear--light, bright, and breezy. Have a great trip.

  3. Fabulous work! I love your pj set! You had asked me if I was planning to make the top or dress for S3535. I'm going to make the dress because of the contrast band on the top & bottom. Of course I don't know which fabrics yet! LOL Your top and white capris look great! I have some white fabric waiting for this week's sewing plans.

  4. I hope you have a safe and fun trip, you new capri and tops looks good!
    best wishes

  5. Have a wonderful trip.Don't forget to take pictures in all these lovely outfit you've made.You have gotten so much sewing done.A little break will do you good.Have fun.

  6. Faye .- I love the total look. the pink blouse with white capri are wonderful. you enjoyment of travel and clothing ..... of course. a big hug and see you soon. Paco

  7. Girl, you have been sewing up a storm! Everyone looks great. Now, I need to catch up! lol

  8. You have some great pieces for your trip. What pattern did you use for the white camisole top.

    Have a Safe and Fun Trip.

  9. Have a great trip Faye!!! All your stuff looks great!

  10. What a lovely outfit. I love the camisole idea because you can wear it under so many other things. That pink peasant blouse is so pretty too.



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