September 10, 2010


...I chose the lining fabric for my upcoming Lady Gray project.

It's actually a charmeusey feeling silky print that I picked up at Joann's this afternoon. The print is a large paisley/flower pattern in the colors purple, brown, off white, and teal on a green background. I didn't want to use a solid, but thought that a lively print would give the coat a certain POP of color that I could flash upon opening (lol). Since the wool flannel shell fabric is light weight, I think the weight of the lining will give the the coat a little more body and warmth. I'm thinking that I might underline with a light batiste, but the verdict is still out on that one.

I also picked up the 1" buttons for the coat

and think I now have everything needed for the job. Tonight I was planning on tracing the pattern on some of my Swedish pattern paper that I picked up at the sewing expo back in March and haven't touched since. I can feel myself getting a little sleepy right now, so I'd better save that job for tomorrow morning.

I scouted Joann's for fabric to make a wearable muslin. I couldn't find anything I liked that wouldn't cost as much as the as the actual coat, so I had to squash that idea. So my plan now is to fit the Swedish pattern paper after stitching it together. We'll see how this plan goes...


  1. Your coat sounds lovely and the lining fabric is great.
    Just a suggestion re your coat. I used a lightweight wool garbadine to make a jacket and didn't interface all pieces, just parts that would be under stress. Then I used a silk twill for the lining, hoping it would add some body. I was hugely disappointed, the lining had more body than the outer fabric and it caused the seams to roll to the outside instead of in and it just didn't look good. It wasn't wearable. So please, please be really sure how you are going to interface or line your jacket because I wouldn't want the same thing to happen to your coat. I think underlining with the batiste might be a good idea.

  2. I love the lining fabric! It is a perfect match for your shell and will make it so special.

  3. I love the print. I think this coat will certainly cheer you up during the winter. Let me know how you like the Swedish tracing paper.

  4. That is such a pretty lining! I love the colors purple/brown/teal together. I'm making DD a purple coat as well! I bet yours will look lovely.

  5. Thats an ooooh-la-la lining. A beautiful hidden surprise. My next project is also a tailored jacket so I'll be following along.

  6. Love the lining fabric. I bought a beautiful lining fabric at Mood during pattern review weekend with the intention of joining the sew along. I have a lot on my sewing plate right now. I stay on the side line and cheer you on.

  7. This is a lovely lining fabric. It will look amazing in the jacket. Now I'm waiting to see your muslin. Love reading your step by step progress.

  8. I love the colors and the lining you've picked. That's a great color for you.

  9. You did a great job of finding lining that is a gorgeous print.

  10. Oooooo, I can't wait to see your coat! Sadly, I still have not made to Joann's yet.

  11. You have certainly picked out some wonderful fall colors while keeping things bright! I look forward to seeing your finished coat.

  12. This is great looking fabric! Love the colors you chose.

  13. Your lining is perfect!

  14. Ooo.. love the lining fabric! It's going to be so fabulous!




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