October 27, 2013


...I made a maternity tee shirt for a co-worker who is also a very good friend.   I've loved  Megan Neilsen's ruched maternity shirt - (MN1006) since it debuted - I always thought it was so very cute.  So when my friend announced she was expecting, I really wanted her to have one of them.

Besides, I was really interested in knowing more about the anatomy of Neilson's unconventional maternity top; i.e., how the pattern's design accommodates a baby bump since it's really just a tee shirt.  Curiosity got the best of me, so I sprang for the cost of the pattern, (found it on sale at nancysnotions.com in case anybody's interested.)  I choose a light weight cheetah or leopard  print (never can distinguish the difference) because I thought it would make a jazzy maternity top.  Although the print is pretty, this was not a great fabric choice.  It's the type of fabric that sticks to itself making it difficult to manipulate - sort of like constant static cling ughhh; and random cut thread is attracted to it - like a magnetic double ughhh.  I went ahead and finished the top, despite the quality of the fabric, to enable me to check the fit when I see her.  I'll tell her that she can use it as a clingy PJ top while I choose another fabric for the post fit version.
See how the sleeves are stuck to themselves???  I hate fabric like that, but didn't pay close enough attention to that when I selected it.
Of course I tried on the clingy top - just to see how it would fit.  Mmmmm, I not sure, but I might need to go up a size or two with the next one; and maybe make the neckline a little narrower. . .


  1. Faye, I really think this top is so cute and your friend may think so too! (depending on the fit of course). I will be looking forward to seeing the completed project on your friend (if she is okay with posting a photo). Good Luck!

  2. The top looks nice. I think the neckline was drafted too large. I understand about that kind of fabric. I bought animal print like that and used it for a muslin sample dress for my daughter. She loves animal print and loves the dress. The next time I use fabric like that I think I will underline it with tricot interfacing.

  3. What a lucky friend!

  4. I agree with K.Line, your friend is VERY lucky! That is one hawt maternity top!

  5. It scares me a lot to sew for other "adults" Something to do with alterations :D
    So I think you are very brave and your friend is very lucky. The top looks great to me!

  6. It might be okay once she starts wearing and washing it. You are a good friend!

  7. Have you gave it to her already? no doubt she liked it, she is so lucky having a friend like you looks so interesting, specially a kind of friend who is great in sewing field like you ;).



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