December 5, 2013


...sick and sewing just don't mix.  At the end of last week while recuperating from dental surgery I came down with a really B-A-D cold.  I was feeling miserable needless to say, but still wanted to get some sewing done.  Well, I should know by now that for me -  sewing while sick is not a good mixture.  When my head is all stuffed up my sewing judgement and motor skills are all out of whack.  I wanted to make a trendy, glitzy, baseball like glam tee, so this simple NewLook pattern looked like just the right option.

Since I've tried lots of NewLook patterns that just didn't work out well for me for one reason or another, you know me, I'll make a muslin in a minute - even for a knit top if I'm not sure of the pattern.  So I made one of this top planning on using it as a PJ top and I was so glad that I did. The neckline on this pattern was just too wide for my comfort so PJ top it is.  I've never altered a neckline that included a raglan sleeve; however, I thought I might be able to make the neckline narrow, but at the time just didn't feel like working it out.

Not wanting to give up on having my glitzy top I looked for another pattern and this is what I came up with:
Vogue 8670 view B but added the long sleeve
The fabrics:  a glitzy silver drenched stretch knit that I found in the bridal section of Hancock's for 50% off and a black matte jersey

Back View

No muslin this time, but the fit is really good.  I'm not much of a bling girl, but I felt like adding something sparkly to my closet.  The bottom hem is blind stitched, and I just turned up and machine hemmed the sleeve.  I was very unorthodox with this top in that I omitted the bust darts because I HATE bust darts in knit garments.  I didn't fold them out, but rather stitched the side seam and worked out the difference at the hem.  Told you, very unorthodox, but I really don't think it makes that much difference at all.

Per the pattern directions the neckband is double stitched on, then the seam just pressed down.  Duh!, how's that supposed to keep the seam down in place when wearing???

I think I'll be storing this top in a ziplock bag and in a drawer because sparkly stuff is already all over me,  my sewing room and everywhere else for that matter.  So there it is, my contribution to the world of glitz for the season...


  1. Cute!!! I love a little sparkle :)

    I have a top that I love but it deposits itself all over the house and car when I wear it. Hahaha!

    I need to figure out how to change the neckline and consequently sleeves because I love the fit of the New Look top but the neckline is too wide :/

  2. HI Faye - I can't sew when I'm sick either - which is very tedious. I do like your new top - just a bit of sparkle is handy to have in the wardrobe.

  3. This will look great with some slacks and heels. Pretty top.

  4. Love your top and thanks for the heads-up on the New Look pattern. I purchased it just for the top.

  5. Cute top!!! Hope you're feeling better.

  6. Hi Faye, Love your new top. It's the second one I've read about today made with this pattern. I have it but have not tried it yet. Thanks for showcasing yours.

  7. Lovely top for the holidays & beyond!

  8. Anonymous12/07/2013

    Dear Faye: First and foremost, hope and pray you are feeling better. I KNOW I need some dental work (probably major) and I'm dreading're a trooper indeed. :-). I love your New Look patterns and your skirt patterns posted on the side of your blog. :-). Take care.

  9. I bought that New Look pattern, too. I still haven't done anything with it. Good to know abou the neckline... I'll take a look when I sew it. I like your final product. Thanks for sharing!

  10. So is this like the easiest top you've ever made?! I love it. Sparkly mess and all! I've only made one NL pattern but hadn't noticed this one at all. Hope you're feeling better by now.



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