August 15, 2015



This symbol has become as highly recognizable as this one

has almost become a regular old household name.  Although I don't spend quite as much time stuck in Pinterestland as I use to, I recently came up with the idea of using it to catalog my pattern stash collection.  I've tried using different data bases and spreadsheets to do this, but I either don't keep up with them and loose interest; or they just haven't proved effective enough methods to help me categorize.  For the most part I just ended up with a bunch of pattern numbers on a sheet.

I like color, and I like pictures, so creating boards in Pinterest to help me keep my inventory list in usable order was an excellent idea for me.  I'm sure someone else has already thought of this, after all there are NO ORIGINAL ideas or so it seems.  But just in case - I thought I'd share.  It'll probably be done by Christmas (hahaha).
 In addition, there is sewing related activity going on for me.  I'm currently working on a muslin for this pattern
I haven't made pants since last summer. Now I find myself in need of several colors and am sort of wanting to venture out of my TNT pants pattern comfort zone.  I want something simple in a skinny leg pant that, of course, fits well - so I chose this pattern for my next quest.  A long time ago my friend Paco advised that Burda and Simplicity patterns were best for fit.  I'm not really a Burda pattern fan but if this one works - I won't mind nominating it as my new TNT.  We'll see...


  1. Pants are so hard to fit. I look forward to seeing how you like this pant pattern.

  2. I can't wait to see how they work out too Tomasa. Should know something soon. Searching for muslin fabric now.

  3. I have most of my patterns organized on pinterest, too. I have them sorted by category, so I sometimes have to double pin those patterns that have multiple items on them. It's a little embarrassing to see how many patterns I have (and they are not all on pinterest yet), but sewing and thinking about sewing is fun for me and I try to keep it a guilt-free zone:)

    1. Angela I sort of knew there was someone out there who had already done this. As I said "nothing's original", just replayed. I'm putting mine in categories also, but like your idea of listing them twice if they have multiple garments included. I sort of feel guilty about my numbers as well - but I love them and will get mad if someone judges me about it. Have a fun time pinning, I'll be trying to find you on Pinterest to check out your boards!

  4. I'm going to start a new pants pattern too. I picked up Vogue 2921 from the MPB pattern swap and am eager to give it a try. It's similar to Vogue 9032, but with front pockets instead of side seam pockets. I hope to start working on that soon.

    I don't do Pinterest; it's too much!

    1. I saw you at MPB, hope you had a great time! I like both your Vogue pants patterns and either that you pick turns out fabulous. I love pinterest but have curtailed my time spent there.

  5. I hear with the household names and logos...I have definitely drank the pinning koolaid. Pants are so much fun, although I don't make nearly as many as I'd like.

  6. Good luck on your new pants pattern! I love making pants too and have not made very many lately. I am sure that will change soon and really looking forward to see yours too!

  7. Like you I have started cataloging patterns using so many methods and I still have yet to complete the project. I like the pants you are going to try, look forward to seeing this pattern made up.

  8. Love your idea of cataloging patterns on Pinterest - I have my pattern envelopes in three ring binders but this would be so much easier.. I do use pinterest for idea boards and love it.

  9. Great pattern organizing idea ! Good luck with your pants. I want to try a new pants pattern, but since I am not going with a different style line, I may as well press on with my current tnt.




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