April 4, 2016


...happiness is the first word that comes to mind whenever I click onto THE TELL TALE TASHA'S blog authored by Natasha.  It is the happiness that eludes when a person is truly happy with the designs that she handcrafts.  This happiness can only come when one knows that they have put forth their very best effort.  So it is with Tasha, I can tell because it shows!  I'm ALWAYS attracted to bloggers who look truly happy with their work - and Tasha is one such blogger.  She's always sharing, (thus the name of her blog); and is such a giving person!  There is a huge age difference in me and Tell Tale Tasha, but that doesn't stop me from being drawn to and COPYING some of her work!  Hey, if you are good, you are good, (I'm just saying!), she's good!

Spring has Sprung, (well, it has in some areas of the country), so what are some of the “MUST HAVE” items on your sewing list for Spring?
NATASHA:  Yes it has! I get weary of making too many plans because I end up not completing them all lol, but some of my must haves this season are drapey tops and skirts, florals, and bright colors!
Just one of the bright colors that's already been incorporated into Spring wardrobe plans
 How did you get started sewing – any formal training along the way?
NATASHA:  I started sewing almost 3 years ago after I had lost a visible amount of weight and my clothes weren’t fitting anymore. My original plan was to take a lot of the clothes I already had and transform them by upcycling into clothes that fit or different items altogether. I am self-taught through YouTube, Vimeo and Craftsy. I have not had an in-person class before but I think I can count Craftsy as a bit formal. No?
Up-cycling from dress, to...
classic light weight coat
What are your favorite garments or items to sew?
NATASHA:  My favorite garments to sew are ones that have beautiful finishing on the inside lol.   I know that’s not very specific but when I pull a garment out of the closet and it’s either fully lined or French-seamed, or even serged nicely, it makes me prouder to wear it and inspires me to make more items like it.

Do you have any fashion rules that your follow?
NATASHA:  I don’t follow any fashion rules because I really don’t know much about fashion LOL. My love for sewing is more of a technical love than it is an aesthetic love. I don’t read fashion magazines or websites so I don’t keep up with that stuff. I do get fashion tips and tricks from Erica Bunker, though. I do pay attention when she adds those to the end of her blog posts lol.

What is your most favorite thing about sewing?, and your least?
NATASHA:  My favorite thing about sewing is construction. I went to college for Computer Engineering but I am not doing that currently as a profession. Sewing really provides both the creative AND technical outlet that I need in my life.
My least favorite part about sewing is the cutting, of both patterns and fabric. It takes forever and I get anxious about whether or not I’m even cutting out the right sizes lol.

What do you like best about your sewing space/room?
NATASHA:  What I like best about my sewing space is that it’s CLEAN LOL!  It feels good to be able to sew without clutter all around me and I can breathe and think and let inspiration flow to me.

What are your top (5) pieces of sewing equipment (things you would hate to do without) – besides your machines, and tell us why?
NATASHA:  1 & 2: Rotary Cutter and self-healing cutting mat – Both, in combination with my craft table, make my LEAST favorite part of sewing that much more bearable. The rotary cutter moves things along so much FASTER and makes it easier to get around curves when I’m cutting out fabric. My cutting mat fits over my entire craft table so I have lots of ROOM to handle the fabric.
3:  Glass head pins – When it comes to hemming, especially slippery fabrics, it’s nice to have pins that I can keep in position when I’m ironing. They are small, sharp, unobtrusive and definitely one of my better investments.
4:  Pincushion Bracelet – This thing is so important in my sewing life! I wear it at the sewing machine, at the cutting table, at the ironing board, and unfortunately sometimes to sleep LOL. It’s such a convenient accessory to have on my person because I’m always looking for a pin or looking for a place to put a pin. And the material that it is made of keeps the pins sharp as well!

5:  Tailor’s Ham – This has TRANSFORMED my sewing results. It keeps everything pressed smooth and gives such a professional appearance to all my garments. I think the majority of the sewing population knows the benefits of having a tailor’s ham :-)
What garment(s) to date would you call your masterpiece(s)?
NATASHA:  LOL, I’m going to define “masterpiece” as a garment that I made with lots of fitting adjustments that worked out perfectly and that I wear ALL OF THE TIME. That item would be my Black Ginger Jeans. It was my 3rd pair and they fit like a glove. And I wear them atleast once a week. 

If you could only have five (5) patterns, which five would that be and why?
1. Closet Case Files Ginger Jeans – The pattern has high-waist and low-rise option and then I can make shorts or capris as well. It’s a pattern that could provide a lot of variety. And I wear jeans quite a bit.

2. Vogue 8379 Wrap Dress – I LOVE wrap dresses. They are perfect for work, church, dates, formal events, casual events… They are just the perfect multi-purpose garments.

3. McCall 7254 Jacket – This pattern can be made to look very high end or casual depending on the fabrics. Plus it can look like a blazer as well. Once again, it can be multi-purposed.
 That’s only three patterns I classify as must haves for sure.   I know I would need a top pattern to wear with jeans but I haven’t come across the perfect one yet!  Until then, I can definitely live in wrap dresses forever LOL!

Can you share a couple of your best sewing tips?
Natasha:  My tips would be to PRESS WHILE SEWING (It makes the process longer but the results are so worth it); and to always check the Finished Garment Measurements of a pattern. A number of people complain about the sizing and ease of commercial patterns, but we can be assured of cutting the right sizes by checking those measurements first.

Point your cursor on The Tell Tale Tasha to see what sewing inspiration awaits you there.  You can also gaze at her wonderful designs on Instagram...


  1. Another great interview! I love her work. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    1. Thank you, and thank you for reading here!!!

  2. Wow! These ladies you feature are so talented and such good photographers. Faye I sent you my info but it keeps coming back to me. I will try to get to the bottom of this and let you know.

    1. I agree Diana all are very talented. Thank you so much for working on the information for me.

  3. Another fantastic interview.

  4. Love this young Lady! I met Tasha via the Monthly Stitch Blog, of which we are both contributors. We even got together for a project and she made a trip to the City of Brotherly love for the occasion! I have seen how far Tasha has come as a sewist and I thoroughly has enjoyed her journey. As the saying goes "you've come a long way baby" in such a short period of time, I am inspired by you!

    1. I saw when you and Tasha collaborated on the Philadelphia project - ad it was wonderful.

  5. Another great interview Faye! I love this young lady's work too! (and there's a huge age difference between us is well, LOL!) I get a lot of inspiration from her creations and love reading her blog! It's truly hard to believe that she's only been sewing for three years! Her work tells a different story! Some of her completed projects looks as though her experience goes well beyond her years of age! Tasha, thank you for the little peek into who you are in your craft!

    1. All that you mentioned above are great reasons to read and watch Tasha's blog. She takes excellent pictures too!

    2. Myra, you are the sweetest :-D

  6. Another fun interview of an inspiring young lady. Thanks Faye!

  7. I agree Tasha's good nature comes through her posts and I've watched her progress in awe! I also love the things she sews especially those Ginger jeans!

  8. She certainly did show out on those Ginger jeans Carolyn.

  9. Just three years? Wow. I'm impressed! I get that "Happy" vibe when I read her blog too and one who is blessed. I'm right there with Tasha about wrap dresses and just as in her other creations she look fabulous wearing it. Love her blog photos too. Pics on the rail! Yes! Nice work Ms. Faye!!!

  10. Wonderful!!! Such an enjoyment!!! Tasha is one to keep your eyes on ... FIESTA ;)

    1. MAD14kt thank you so much and it was nice chatting with you over the weekend too!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Thank you for introducing me to this blog. I look forward to reading! I am so impressed by the girls who have been sewing for such a short time and yet, accomplish more than those of us who have years of experience. I believe it has something to do with having an engineering mind.

  13. You are so welcome Anna Christina - that is what the interview segments is all about - introducing blogs that you may have not heard about. Tasha is amazing!

  14. Great interview and love reading about other sewing divas.




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