February 10, 2007

Yet Another Adventure

I am so excited! Excitment is an element that is extremely important in my life. I find that when I am not in an excited mood I am not very happy with myself. Maybe everybody is this way, I don't know; but I do know its important to me. I HAVE GOT TO HAVE IT!!! After all who in their right mind doesn't love to be excited!

For months now I have had this inner urge to CREATE something - anything, but just CREATE something! For months I have had this thing inside me churning and trying to get out. I just kept saying to myself, I feel like I have something inside me, and praying asking God to help me get it out - up to the surface. I know that God created us to be CO-CREATORS with Him. He is the creator, we are the creation so why would He not expect us to create - something? Day after day I read about people who create things, some of them we have already thought about but never act upon. Then when we see or hear about this "New Creation" we say to ourselves, "I thought about that"; or "Why didn't I think of that". This has happened to me time and time again. Some of the people who do act on their ideas or dreams end up making oodles and oodles of money from it, we see this happen each and everyday.

Back in September I decided to sweep the cobwebs off my sewing machines and maybe sew something - what I didn't know - just something. So after not sewing at all for about 13 years I started out on "YET ANOTHER ADVENTURE". I started learning to sew all back over again. Now I'm thinking, why not take a skill or craft that you use to have and start using it again. Could this be the thing that was churning deep within me, trying to get out again. Well learning to sew again has not really been like riding a bike (they say you never forget how); I have forgotten a lot about sewing. And then again things have changed so much in 13 years! Terminology, fabrics, notions, patterns, techniques, etc., etc.

First I had to FIND my sewing notions. I had long since thrown out all of my old TNT (tried and true) patterns. I hate that I did, but I can't cry over that now - crying takes up too much time. I had to climb up in and around my attic to find somethings. Maybe my patterns are still up there some where - maybe I'll find them when I move. I had to take every single item out of one closet to find my tailor's ham and sleeve roll. Even found my first sewing project - an apron from 8Th grade. Oh how I slaved over that apron project. I will always keep this apron to remember the hours I sweated over it. I corralled all the sewing stuff into a central area (my sewing/computer/exercise room) spare bedroom, and I started to sew again back in September.

I have ALWAYS been interested in sewing! From an early age watching my Great Grand Mother sew on her treadle Singer machine, and watching her quilt - to starting to sew myself in junior high school. I made plenty of mistakes, but learned a lot in the process, and I feel became quite a good seamstress through the years. Then I started a business and for 13 years it consumed every waking hour of my time. When that business adventure was over I again began searching for a creative outlet. I think sewing is the creative outlet I've been searching for.

When searching the web I found some sewing web logs that really inspired me to want one for myself. So this is the beginning of "Yet Another Adventure" for me. My baby sister Pat sent me her digital camera way back in August 2006 and it sat in the box it arrived in until last Saturday because I was scared to try to learn to use it. Well I finally got it figured out a little bit and have started experimenting. I finally got some pictures downloaded to the computer and they are shown here with the projects that I have sewn since September 2006


  1. Hey sis,
    This is your baby sister!! I am so proud of you. Frist of all for always being such a good big sister. You are alway there when I need you. I thank God for you.

    I am so proud of you for getting back into your sawing. As always you do a great job on every thing you make.
    Keep up the good work.
    I love you sis!

  2. You are so sweet Pat! I am trying to learn all the things you are so good at - like the digital camera just to name one. Thanks for the encouragement. I am really trying hard to get good at this again.

    The first top is the one that I am going to send you. Love Faye

  3. Faye this is your mom.I am so proud of you and I thank God for you and your talents.God gave each one of us desires,creative ideas. When you need advice,stop and wait
    for a word from the master seamstress.He will always lead you into all truths
    I love you,your Mom

  4. Mother, I love your wisdom! I didn't always love it - but I was young and foolish then so please forgive me. Thank you encouraging me in each and everything I have ever tried to do! And when I get stuck - I WILL CONSULT THE MASTER SEAMSTRESS. Love and hugs Fayedoll

  5. Faye, Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'm not sure what to tell you about a serger. Try looking at reviews at PR, or ask on Stitcher's Guild (Artisan's Square.) I know several people have mentioned Singer sergers lately, and that they were happy with them. My serger is very old, so I'm not much of an expert on what you should get. Looks like you're going to really love having one, whatever you get!




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