March 3, 2007


I haven't posted since February 10...when it took me that entire Saturday to get this thing set up. But I did enjoy the experience of learning something new! Even learned to use the digital camera that Pat gave me. (Still experimenting with that (lol). I have still been reading the posts of my favorite bloggers, (Carolyn, Erica) and still being inspired by them. I did make this knit top for my daughter Alondra, and put it in the mail to her last Saturday. She says it fits really good. It's sort of hard to sew for and fit from a distance. This top raps in the front.
I also bought my first serger, which I am already in Love With. Still don't know a lot about it, but even if I don't do anything but finish my seams and do an occassional rolled hem it will be all worth it.

I started these gaucho/crop type pants several weeks ago. I used Sandra Betzina's front fly zipper technique and was so proud of the outcome that I had to take a picture of it cause it turned out so well. The only thing about these pants is I HATE the waist band!!! It has one of those contured shaped bands (curves). I would have been more pleased with just a plain waist band. I haven't finished sewing on the band yet, so I may take it off and try to add a regular band instead. Who knows, it might work out fine! I made them using a really light weight wool which I love.


  1. Faye,

    I only use my serger for finishing hems...I know right 'cause they can do so many things...I even have a few books telling me the other things it can do but I keep just finishing seams with it! *smile*

  2. Carolyn, I'm only using mine for finishing seams too. Right now that is all I know how to do with it. But that is really what I wanted it for.



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