June 5, 2007


Finished my dress on Sunday!!!
I read several sewing blogs regularly: www.diaryofasewingfanatic@blogspot.com, www.ericabunker.com and www.sewonandsewon@blogspot.com. There are may others that I check out when I have extra time, but these are three sewists who's work I admire. Each has a different sewing style and style taste, but what I admire most about them is THEY DON'T MIND SHARING INFORMATION AND KNOWLEDGE. I started sewing again 9 months ago after a 13 year hiatus, and sometimes when I look at the work of others I feel inferior about mine. I have had some trying times with my sewing process during these 9 months; however, I have had some really happy times too. I want to be pleased with the work I do and I also want to be confident. I realize that the important thing is to take my time, do my best and ask questions when I don't know - even if the questions sounds silly. If you don't know, you just don't know. I find that somebody out there in cyberland does know and someone will share information with you. Another place where I learn a lot and get help with sewing questions is at THREADS MAGAZINE DISSCUSSIONS. There are a lot of really helpful people there too.

I finished my dress, I did my best and most importantly of all I ENJOYED THE PROCESS! This dress turned out to be a little more detailed than I had wanted. I wanted a stylish summer dress that didn't call for a lot of work and could be finished quickly. THIS WAS NOT IT! Although I would make this dress again, it is not the quick project that I was looking for. If it had called for facings instead of a lining I think it would have gone a lot faster. I have to get brave enough to use my self drafted facings. Getting better with sewing is a process, as is everything else. So on with the process....

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  1. Faye - thank you for your very kind comments. But can I tell you a secret ~ the reason that I sew so many TNT patterns is because I am too lazy to fit new patterns. I believe that it is a constant set of alterations. Most of my TNT patterns started out as your dress did - they didn't work and then I altered one thing and then another until I finally ended up with a well-fitted garment.

    Also a hint, I never put the lining in anything until I am sure that the outer garment fits. That way if you need to make alterations you can do so first to the garment and then alter the lining pieces to fit the garment.

    Keep sewing. Don't be discouraged. It will get better! I promise!



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