June 11, 2007


OK,What about my dress...
that I worked diligently on for two weekends in a row, IS TOO BIG!!!!!!!!!! I took measurements, thought I altered the pattern accordingly, even made a muslin, and the dress is still too big in the shoulder area as well as in the hips. The dress has side front panels and side back panels in both the lining and the dress, and I think that taking this all apart to make adjustments (as well as taking the zipper out to make the upper back fit bitter) WOULD BE A BIT TO MUCH FOR ME! Now mind you, this has been a bit disheartening. At times I have told myself, "self, maybe you just really do not know how to sew". But I have quickly shaken those thoughts off and started over again. I really don't think it so much not knowing how to sew, but knowing how to fit. Gone are the days that I could take a size 12 or 14 pattern out of the envelope and just sew it up. Now I've finally got some hips, IS THIS THE PRICE I HAVE TO PAY for finally having hips?......RATS!. I am still not giving up....I am going to keep right on trudging through this thing until I can finally come up with at least a couple of TNT patterns!!!! My stubborness has got to be s a strong point here!

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  1. Hi Faye.Your dress looks pretty on the hanger.Too pretty to not be wearing it.Fitting can be a nightmare.I'd love to help.We should have lunch one day.



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