October 4, 2008


You will remember that several weeks ago me and my sewing buddies entered exhibits at the Georgia National Fair. I entered 7 items into five different catergories. Well the fair finally opened this week so Lisa, Ebony and I went down to see the results. WE WERE SO EXCITED!!!, and this was a great experience for the three of us and even greater yet because we shared it together. This was a new learning process for me because I really didn't understand how any of this worked - it was mostly speculation on my part, but still fun.

I entered the following categories and believe it or not actually placed and won ribbons for each of my entries:

Category 88 - Ladies Suit - Second Place which is pretty good considering I wasn't going to enter this one.
Category 89 - Ladies Ensemble - I got also got a second place ribbon for my gray pinstripe swing jacket, skirt and ruffled blouse. The cute suit right next to mine belongs to Ebony. I'll let her tell you all about it.

Category 90 - Ladies Jackets - My apple green "Lucy" Swing Jacket pulled a third prize.

Category 93 - Ladies Dress - I lost the picture of my brown dress. Maybe I can get a copy from Lisa, but I think I got a second place for it.

Category 92 - Ladies Pants - and last but certainly not least, my one and only first place ribbon went to my gray stripped pants.The really big winners are the people who got Awards of Excellence which I didn't get. After seeing the garments that did win the really big prizes it was really hard to determine the criteria used for judging. We saw one suit that won and it had pinked seam finishes and was unlined; and another where plaids did not match - go figure, I'm just saying. I really don't think they take into consideration the amount work put into a garment or techniques used or skill level. Just kinda hard to tell. The people who win Awards of Excellence are the ones who win the sewing machines - the ultimate prizes. First, second and third place ribbons win cash prizes. So I'll be waiting for my check (lol).

This was a very good experience for me, it made me push and stretch past my normal limits. Will I do this again.....probably, we will see.


  1. Congratulations on your Winnings! Now it also makes me wonder what is the criteria for judging garments and receiving Awards of Excellence if a garment clearly fails to show perfection.

    But after all is said and done you Won.... Yeah!

  2. Congrats on your winnings!

  3. I AM SOOOOO PROUD OF YOU!!! Yes, I'm shouting and jumping up and down too! How kewl is this!!! Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations on your wins. I'm so happy for you :)

  5. Congratulations on your wins! See … Aren't you glad you entered them?

  6. YAY! Good job, good job, girl, good job, good job! (That was my variation on a football cheer for you.)

  7. Faye, Your garments were so professional looking that I really can't imagine why the ones you described would place before yours. Congratulations. The fact that you strived for excelence is also your reward.Diana

  8. Congratulations!! Great job on your entries!!!

  9. Congratulations! It's a good feeling to know others think your work is great. Keep up the good work.

  10. Congrats!!!! How awesome for you!!

    I'm glad you liked the package!

  11. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! I'm so happy for you.

  12. Bravo! I don't know what those judges were thinking when handing out the awards but at least they did recognize your talent and skill.

  13. Congratulations! You and Lisa were the brightest stars at the fair.

  14. Faye .- pretty fair. I also watched the website http://www.georgianationalfair.com/ and everything is very interesting. congratulations on their awards. everything looks great. I love seeing her again apple green jacket, is one of my favorites. thanks for show. hugs, Paco.

    ahhh .... I will continue in his blog, and I'm going to update all its new features.




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