November 2, 2008


I was talking to my Mother just a few weeks ago and I told her that I would NEVER make a turtle neck top. What is it about the word NEVER! Oh you can say it alright, but then you have to take back what you've said. Last week out of no where I got the urge to make a turtle neck top. So I did an internet search of all the pattern companies and this KWIK SEW is what I came up with so here is the results of my new turtle. I made view C with the collar from view A, and it is really a good fit. The fabric is a slightly ribbed knit from Walmart. Only four pattern pieces made it a snap to put together and I think I'll be making a few more of these for the winter.

I had a lot of the ribbed knit fabric left over so I paired my short sleeved turtle with this cardigan-like wrap, Vogue 8138, which was only two pattern pieces, but boy did the sleeve placement give me a mini fit. I'm still not sure if they are in right, but after my second try I am finished with it. Maybe I'll give this another try sometime. I plan on wearing this with jeans (blue or black) and dark gray or black pants. I promise you it will get some wear since I work in a classroom that doesn't warm up until the middle of the afternoon I need something to wrap up in.

Well that's it for this sewing weekend. Maybe I'll get a chance to whip up a quick project during the work week, who knows....


  1. Both pieces look really nice. My nine year old said so also.

  2. Thank you and your daughter for your comment on my tops.

  3. That is great sweater set.The pattern and fabric are a perfect match.You've got the "dress for the crazy weather" all figured out.

  4. this looks so comfortable, I love grey sweaters

  5. I am calling that the new twinset, I just luv it.

  6. Great looking chill booster.

  7. I like your fabric choice. Your set looks so comfy. What a great idea. I'm like you I would never think of making (or wearing)a turtle neck, "but" now that the weather is turning cold, it seems like I'm always freezing,and a turtle neck and wrap would be so nice to keep the cold away :)It's on my list!

  8. I think these two pieces turned out nice. I don't think it looks heavy at all. Man - I wished I had bought some of that fabric. The turtleneck looks so good. I know you will continue to make the turtlenecks but I also hope you make the cardigan again because it is really nice.I really cannot keep up with with you. YOu sew so much and post so fast.

  9. Girl, you did an awesome job! Don't second guess yourself. I bet this will look good on you. I'm expecting a photo of you modeling it.

    Good Job!

    p.s. How about making it in a bright color? I bet it would look good in a red.

  10. Turtlenecks sometimes come out iffy. But yours looks wonderful!

  11. I love both they look really good together. I have some stretch knit that I just couldn't figure out what I want to make and I think you just inspired me.

  12. Faye, I love grey and your sweater set will be a great addition to your wardrobe. I made a grey turtleneck tunic lenght sweater a couple of years ago and I've worn it to death.Enjoy!

  13. What a great set! The gray is perfect for this time of year.

  14. Very nice..and it looks comfortable. I also like the color. Was it easy, difficult, or in-between? -JC




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