January 19, 2009


One of my sewing goals this year is to ADD MORE COLOR TO MY WARDROBE. I'm calling this my new Inauguration Jacket because I want to be feeling and looking my best when I return to work tomorrow; because we the people are very PROUD! We will watch TV from 12 to 1p.m. to see the President sworn in which is better than nothing at all.

This is the project I worked on this weekend and during a "Sew-A-Long" with LISA and EBONY; Lisa helped me in measuring and pinning my hems. We got a lot accomplished during the Sew A Long. It's THIS JACKET (double breasted view) in a turquoise butter suede type fabric with no stretch; it is so soft. To finish it today I needed to top stitch*, make 4 button holes and 4 covered buttons and sew on the buttons.

*One thing that I detest the most is - crooked top stitching! It just gives me the creeps! A lot of sewing resources suggest using an edge foot as a guide for top stitching, but of course none of my machines came with an edge foot; I need to try to order one for this purpose. But in the meantime I keep trying to invent the perfect method for straight top stitching. My magnetic seam guide always ends up moving making for crooked stitching. I also have a seam guide that screws into the bed of the machine, but could not adjust it to 3/8" for my top stitching. So, alas my solution is to cut a thick piece of 3M tape cut into a rectangular about 3" long and 1 1/4" wide. It sticks right to the throat plate, it doesn't move, and it's reusable. The results: straight top stitching and a very happy me.
As with so many others, this jacket pattern did not include an under collar, and because of that I could never achieve the proper turn of the cloth for my collars. I remembered ERICA describing tailoring techniques for collars in some of her recent coat construction, so I shot her an email and she answered right back with under collar advise. I think I will use this information for ALL collars for my jackets. Most patterns give only one collar piece that is to be used for both the upper and under collar so they are cut identical. Taking her advice I used the pattern piece to cut the upper collar on the fold exactly like the pattern calls for; but used the same pattern piece for the under collar but cut on the bias rather than the fold resulting in two pieces. The next step is to reduce under collar on three sides by 1/8" making it a tad bit smaller. This results is the beautiful turn of cloth that I knew I was supposed to be achieving but wasn't. The under collar issue was one the things I got counted off for on one of my entries at the National Fair last year so I really wanted to learn to handle that correctly.

The jacket is unlined, has in interfaced front facin
g and all seams are serger finished. Here's it is on my dress form; I will try to remember to take my camera to school tomorrow to get a junior photographer (aka a student) to take a picture of me in it.

Until then HAPPY MLK DAY!!!!


  1. Very cute jacket, you will be styling tomorrow. I will be working from home looking a hot mess so I'm happy that you'll be presenting lol.

  2. This jacket is too sharp. I admire anyone who can put buttons on that straight. Can't wait to see what is next.

  3. I love it! The color is beautiful.The style is sharp.I enjoyed myself and I'm motivated by you and Ebony.

  4. Faye, you have done it again... another Fabulous Jacket. Thanks for the top stitching tip.

  5. another beautiful garment, Faye. I like this pattern and texture of fabric is very nice .... ahhh .. and again covered buttons.

    greetings, Paco

  6. You did great job on your jacket very cute.:) WTG

  7. I hate crooked topstitching to! Good tip Faye!
    Great jacket! Beautiful Color!

  8. Faye - great jacket! Another topstitching tip is scotch tape! If you lay it perfectly down the center of the seam or along side the seam you will get a perfect line every time!

  9. I have committed that collar technique to memory. I never could figure out why my collars didn't lay right, even though I've sewn for years and do everything from wedding gowns to tote bags. Great information!

  10. Another really nice jacket Faye. Wow! Are you ever productive!

  11. Hi Faye. Thanks for the update. I figured both would happen. :-) It is kinda a good thing that your colleagues want one for themselves...the downside is TIME. When will you find time to do it :-). That's wonderful. I'm here pulling some easy patters and plan on stopping by the fabric shop either on my lunch break or after work. Why wait?!

  12. I love this color. The fabric sounds like it has a very nice feel, and it looks great.

  13. I love the jacket!! What do you teach? I'm a teacher also. Julia




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