January 11, 2009

Second Project of 2009 Completed

I completed my second sewing project of the year last night. It's my first fleece project and the verdict is still out on whether I like sewing this material or not. Right now I'm thinking that I'm glad I didn't buy more of it. It has so much static, and ever available thread is attracted to it like a magnet and I got tired of that.

I was so attracted to a jacket that LISA made form this very same fabric that I wanted one too, so this is another copycat project. I did make a couple of changes so it wouldn't be exactly the same by adding a hood instead of the shawl collar, side seam pockets and covered buttons. I combined McCall's 5485 & McCall's 4975. I would have used just the M4975 pattern, but discovered that the pattern I had was way to big so I just adapted the pocket and the hood only from that pattern.

I know that lots of you have done covered buttons before, but I decided to do a little tutorial in case there's someone out there that is intimidated by them like I was because I wasn't sure I would be able to get the button properly covered so the raw edges of the fabric wouldn't show:

.The metal buttons come in a little kit, so you just pick the size you want and everything you need is in the kit - you just add the fabric. This kit contained two button backs and fronts as well as two plastic tools to press the buttons into place.
. There is a guide on the back of the package for cutting your fabric to fit the size button you've purchased.
. The fabric circle is then placed over the large plastic tool; followed by the button front. The fabric folds in perfectly to fit over the button front. Then the button back is put into position.
. The smaller plastic circle is used to press the button back into place after which the finished button is pushed out and that is all there is to it. No more covered button intimidation!


  1. I love your coat. It look really nice.
    Thank you for the tutorial. I never knew you could buy what it takes to make covered buttons. I've seen tutorials on how to make covered buttons without the kit, so I didn't even know a kit existed. Thank you so much!!!

  2. That's a good-looking new coat! It looks so comfy, I know you'll enjoy wearing it. I love sewing fleece because I don't worry about finishing the edges, but you're right on about static and attracting stray threads.

  3. I love this coat! Very Nice!

  4. Looks awesome! The covered buttons really set if off!
    I really like working with fleece.. cause its easy and quick to sew... oh and it hides mistakes well!! lol!

  5. Don't you just love covered buttons! They add so much to the garment...and yours by the way is stunning! I'm just loving that coat!

  6. Very nice coat and I think the fleece fabric looks very good too!

  7. I like your coat better than mine.So,look out...I know where you live!(LOL)
    The covered buttons and hood add so much to it.It looks great.
    Great tutorial.

  8. Nice jacket, I love the covered buttons. I need to find some fleece like that to trim a fleece hat I'm making. I'm not usually a hat wearer but now I really need one. Really like you jacket.

  9. I have always wanted to use fabric buttons. Thanks for the tute!

  10. Thanks for the tutorial! I've actually never done covered buttons because I didn't want to bother, but you make them sound pretty easy...

  11. Great jacket! love the look of how the hood hangs in the back and the front view.... Beautiful!

  12. I know what you mean about the static. I have some that I purchased in 2004 and I have gotten the same thing. I often wonder if it is due to the quality of the fleece. Something I intend to check out.

    As to the answer to your question, since my employment contract will expire on Feb. 6, I don't know if I will be able to attend the expo. I really hate that because this I found out about it three years ago and $$$ has been the issue for me not going. There have been several classes I wanted to take and just be able to take advantage of some of the other things that are offered. If there is anyway for me to go, I will send you a post on your site and let you know and we can meet at the door. I will keep you posted!

  13. Love the jacket. I had a problem with the static when I made my first fleece jacket and used almost an entire can of Static guard but I prewashed my second fleece and didn't have that much static. I really like how easy it is to work with and it's very warm.

  14. Oh my Gawd Faye, this is gorgeous!I'm also thinking of trying a fleece jacket, but as it won't fit in with my Swap, it won't be this year.

  15. What is a hong kong seam finish. I know about and do French Seams alot since I make lots of little girl clothes, but never heard of Hong Kong. Enjoyed your blog. I'm a grandmother who sews mostly for 5 grands. Check me out. julia

  16. Thank you. Yes, I have seen Hong Kong seam finishes. I just didn't know what this was called. I love learning something new. That's why I started a blog, so I could share and learn from other seamstresses. Julia

  17. Hi Faye. I should be sleeping, but had to take a peek at my blog and saw your comment. :-) That's really nice that you have a couple of sewing buddies that stay close by and you can shop together as well. Maybe I'll be able to meet someone like that at a couple of these groups. That would help as well. Take care.

  18. Faye .- jacket is great. It is a waterproof fabric? I hope to see you look at the near post. I am sure it is very chic. Thanks for showing the tutorial on the buttons. Although it sounds weird, I've never used one of these kits, because I have not found on sale here in Barcelona. Some time ago but had covered an industrial machine that had a friend in her home sewing.

    A big hug dear.


  19. Faye, your jacket looks very nice!

    I second your opinion of fleece, althoug it's nice and cushy I think the fabric is from the devil himself, LOL!!!!!

  20. Awesome work!! I love it..makes me wanna sew one..hehehe...I love working with fleece because you can just serge the seams.

  21. I love your jacket Faye. You did a great job. My first project this year was a fleece jacket for my husband. (I haven't had time to post it yet.) I've made allot of fleece garments and don't mind working with it. It's just so nice to wear around the house,especially during these very cold days we've been having, it's so warm and cozy :)

  22. Love the coat with the hood and the fabric is great!

  23. Great coat and I love the hood !

  24. The jacket looks great! Thanks for the tutorial on the covered buttons.

  25. Lovely jacket!! I wish I could sew clothes.

    Best, Kyra

  26. Great looking coat. Nice job with the covered buttons.




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