September 27, 2009


Well, today I finished my first garment since July. Seems like it took me forever to complete it. I showed my muslin of the jacket in my last post. I'm glad that I worked the muslin up because by doing so it let me know exactly what changes had to be made to the pattern. I did the complete jacket in the muslin excluding interfacing, hems and buttonsholes. Then I made sure that I marked the changes that needed to be made on the pattern since I don't think I'll be using the muslin as a pattern. This process made it seem as though I had made two jackets - which in actuality- I guess I did.

The faux pockets on this jacket are compliments of Sheila who pointed me to a Craft Stylish tutorial. Sheila that tutorial really fit the bill! It was easy to understand and follow because it actually repeats the instructions - I guess to make sure you get it. I had made pocket flaps before but never with this much success. I think they look much better than the patch pockets the pattern called for.

This was not a hurry up project - I took it nice and slow. Have you ever worked on a garment until you were almost sick of it? Well, that's what almost happened with this project. But determination won out, and I was able to finish it. The jackets fits very nicely after all, and I am quite pleased with my results. The matching pants to this jacket were made way back in June as this was supposed to be a summer suit. But school got in my way and I had to put all things sewing on the back burner. I didn't want to wait until next summer to finish this suit because I was afraid that if I did, it would become a UFO. With the nice weather we are still having here I should be able to get a couple of wearings out of it before I retire it for the fall/winter seasons.

Originally I had planned on making this same jacket in Navy blue to go with the other pair of pants made back in June. I got tired of the gray jacket, so now I'm not sure if I will or not. I'll make a decision on that tomorrow. I really need to get started on my Channel jacket soon.
Lastly, I did manage to get an "A" in both of my classes - PRAISE GOD! My last and final class starts on Tuesday, but should leave me with plenty of sewing time - I hope! I'll be completely finished with school on December 16th....


  1. I'm thrilled to see you sewing again, I've missed you! I love this style of jacket, I find the collar much more wearable with things in my wardrobe. I have a very similar unfinished jacket in my sewing room. You may find you go back and make the navy version later when the memory of this one wears off. It looks lovely. Do you have a top planned to wear with the jacket and pants?

  2. I love it, the color is beautiful, and the style is awesome, great work

  3. What a lovely jacket - I love the style and the colour!

  4. Beautiful jacket. It surely was worth the time and effort you put into it, and it shows.

  5. You did a great job on this jacket. If I were you, I'd go ahead and make the blue one.

  6. I like it!! Nice work. I bet it is very flattering on you.

  7. She's Back! With no mojo lost because the jacket is beautiful.

    Thought about you Thursday wondering if you were blubbering as much as I was watching Grays. Wow what a way to start a new season. I felt like a big ole baby :)

    So happy you are enjoying your sewing moments! keep up the good work!

  8. Creative and smart!! Congratulations on your As!!! Your jacket looks great! Since you've made it once it wouldn't be as hard or take so long the second time around. It would be nice in navy, but I understand why you might not want to make it again so soon.

  9. Congratulations on Acing your classes and the jacket came out fabulous... and you did a fantastic job on the pockets. I like the style of the collar too.

    Thanks for the shout-out. Now you need to go ahead and do the navy jacket...lol

  10. Congratulations on the excellent grades! The jacket is beautiful. Jackets do take a lonnnnnngggg time. Love the color too!

  11. Faye .- well as we say here: slowly but surely. The jacket is perfect and I'm sure he still will use someday.

    A big hug for you....and congratutalions on your "A".

  12. Beautiful job-I've been sewing a lot, but no lovely garments like this for myself.

  13. Really, really fabulous! Everything about it.

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  15. Great color choice for the season! Love it.

  16. Love it! The style is really sophisticated.

  17. Your jacket is wonderful. But, wow ! Congratulations on the A's !!!!!

  18. I agree with everyone else - I love the jacket and think you should go ahead and knock the navy one out as well. I am so glad you are sewing again. I hope this class does not keep you away as long.

  19. Great jacket! I have worked on several projects till I was sick of them too!! Glad you did so well in your classes!!!!!

  20. Congratulations on your good grades and finishing the jacket!!

  21. Hi Faye. I know ou must be proud and glad to have finished. Thankfully, patience prevailed. :-)
    Thanks for your recent comment. :-)
    Very pretty jacket to go along with I'm sure some nice GA weather.




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