September 10, 2009

NOT M.I.A....

...but rather MLA. I only have two more short papers to write, one speech to give, and three classes to attend. Next Wednesday at 7p.m. will mark the official end of this grueling 11 week quarter for me! It's been hard out here for a grandma. I have read, written, and used more commas than one could imagine. I still tend to over commatize (as I call it) they couldn't break me of that (lol). I've pulled some all nighters, and certainly some all weekenders, and as a result, hopefully I'll be able to come out of this quarter with to high "B's" or better.

I haven't sewn A STITCH since the first week of July. That did it for my summer sewing dreams - of course I didn't finish half of what I had planned. I think that next year, Lord willing, I'll have to start my summer sewing early, because I never seem to finish it. Just imagine how many things I could have gotten sewn up in 11 weeks. It has been torture! I have had to put EVERYTHING aside. I just didn't have enough brain cells to wrap around anything other than these two classes.

I did keep track of my favorite sewing blogs and commented here and there so you would remember me and know that I was alive. It was my way of relaxing and dreaming while I watched all of your sewing projects. I even cut out a jacket muslin - but that's about as far as I got with the jacket.

I joined the Go "Chanel or Go Home" challenge even thought I knew in all reality that I would not be able to start until after September 15th. I have my fabric and pattern, and need to cut a muslin for my Go Chanel jacket. I bought a couple of resource books, and read up on jacket construction just a little. I still need to get my lining, buttons and trim. I would so love to have some of those double "C" Chanel buttons - wouldn't that be nice. Well, got to get back to work...


  1. Hang in there, Faye! You're so close!

  2. I have missed you and thought about you tons in the past weeks wondering how you're doing. It's a great thing what you're doing for yourself. All your hard work will pay off. It will be nice to see your jacket progress and you back in your sewing room!
    PR is starting soon ~ time to hit the sofa :)

  3. For sure I WAS missing you! I'm so proud of you for your hard work. Take a rest before you hit the sewing machine again-you deserve it!

  4. My Friend!!!! You inspire in all ways. I have truly missed your blogging. Girl, hit me up! YOU truly know that I love you and so very PROUD of you. Fret not, still here. Your friend

  5. What you are doing is so wonderful and inspiring! I would love to get you some CC buttons. Let me know what you need and I'll see what I can find. Email me: bjorum at mac dot com

  6. There's no way we'd ever forget you!
    But yes, you've been missed :)

  7. Brain cells regenerate:) Hold on, it will be over soon. You've been missed.

  8. We know you are hard at work and understand that sewing at times have to take a back seat.

  9. We do miss you, but understand as work has to take priority. I got so use to frequently blogging myself over the summer and now that I'm back to work (2.5 weeks), I really miss it. Hope to have some sewing lounge pics up tomorrow. Take care.

  10. Sewing will always be there when you're ready for it. Meanwhile, you're doing a fanstastic job on your education. Nice going!

  11. It's a lot of work, but you're going to be so proud of yourself when it's done - hang in there !

  12. Well, I know all about being busy! I've been missing your creations though!




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