January 24, 2010


I simply cannot get my Amazon widgets working today. However, I've been wanting to review this new book for several weeks now and decided to go ahead and review now, and fix my widgets later...

By now you have probably figured out that I am an advid reader, howbeit not so much of fiction, but mainly of self help books or those that will teach me practical things. Recently this pretty little book called "Ribbon Crafts" found a way into my collection.

I must say that there are numerous projects/techniques (and not just bows, although I like them too) included in this book that I am seriously think of incorporating into some of my sewing projects. For instance:
  • gathered flowers
  • serpetine gathered flowers
  • looped petals
  • continuious petal flowers and indiviual flower petals
  • ribbon roses
There is even a section on ribbon embroidery with instructions so clear that it looks as though even I will be able to pull off successfully. I'm really excited about this, I can see this ribbon embroidery being added to my next chanel jacket. This is a great book, and in reviewing it all kinds of embellishments for my fashion designs are floating through my head. I think "Ribbon Crafts" would be a welcomed addition to any sewist's resource collection.

There is also a section on making up some unique ribbon trims. I'm thinking about running out to the fabric store to pick up some gray ribbon to add to this newly finished project....

This is my latest cowl neck top. I really love this top, it's the third one that I've made from this pattern (adding the Hillary Duff collar). I'm going to need to trace off a new Simplicity 4503 top pattern because it's out of print and I'm killing my pattern (l0l). There is nothing like a good old TNT pattern.

Now here's my new cardigan. (And yes, I am in love with twin sets - always have been.)

I used the same McCall's 5978 cardigan pattern but so wanted a rounded neckline instead of the V neckline. I was quite successful in morphing this pattern with McCall's 8155 (which I'm sure is OOP) at the center front and neckline to get a different version of the cardigan (a new feat for me). The following picture gives a look at the rounded neckline hidden by the cowl collar.

My friend Lisa picked out my buttons when I couldn't make up my mind. She did a good job, I think they are so cute. Making buttonholes on this fabric - not so cute. My practice ones kept coming out perfect, but the ones I put on the top not so perfect. After putting the project in time out for a couple of days I finally decided to try making them using another machine (thank God I have others). I was finally able to get them in suitably last night. I'm in love with the set!, and will be wearing it to work tomorrow with black or charcoal pants - haven't decided yet.

Is there another set if twins in my forecast? Yes, indeed...


  1. Beautiful twin set.. I should make one too, I love your fabric choice ...

  2. Now I want a twinset too! (Too many things in my dream queue.) I love the cowl neck.

  3. Nice job! I like the idea of a cowl shell/cardigan twinset - a bit more fun than the standard shell/cardigan combo. So perfect for work!

  4. I love twin sets, too. I have a couple planned for winter. I think they're such a useful thing to have in your wardrobe. I'm also very partial to cowl necks. You get a warm neck without the restriction of a turtleneck and I think they are more flattering. I like this soft gray. I don't have much in this colour but it would work well with my red, black and white SWAP.

  5. The cowl neck has such a different look with the cardigan. I have been considering that Hot Patterns cardigan for sometime so I am anxious to see what you do with it. The illustration has that Chanel-look which seems to be everywhere for spring.

  6. Cute set! love the buttons! I can't wait to see the hot pattern one.

  7. Those are nice pieces that will go most anywhere. Very nice sewing!

  8. That's a great looking twin set. The cowl neck is lovely, great for warmth and very elegant looking. Love the buttons that your friend chose - they're just right.

  9. beautiful work! as always. I am looking forward to what you do with ribbons!

  10. I just love that cowl neck shirt!! I am currently on a quest to find the perfect cowl neck. Considering my little obsession with Jalie, I really wish they made a cowl neck pattern!

  11. Faye, your twin set is wonderful. It's got me thinking that I need to try one for myself.

  12. Twins! Congratulations! I didn't know you were expecting. LOL That cowlneck looks mighty sophisticated. I have had a simple knit cowlneck pattern all ready to go but not enough time and focus to put it together. Thx for the inspiration.

  13. So beautiful! Very nice made!
    I love twin sets, maybe I can make one for myself.(Too many plans and things I like.)

  14. I'm such a sucker for a cowl neck top. Really lovely set here.

  15. This will make a very functional outfit for work. Love the fabric choice.

  16. Your twin set is truly beautiful! I also love the colour.
    Faye,have you tried using Solvy (stabilizer)under and on top of your fabric to make buttonholes. I've had good luck with it

  17. Love the twinset. You are saving a bundle by making you own. Considering a carigan set cost about 60.00. Oh that the sale price

  18. Looks like a good book to have! Love you twin set!! Great job on it.

  19. Love the twinset!
    and why is it that the practice buttonholes always come out great and the real ones are always such a pain???

  20. See, I told you that you are an accomplished seamstress! I am so impressed with how perfect your garments always look. I love to embellish with ribbon. I've done some ribbon embroidery a few times. I do love it.

  21. Thanks for the Book review. My mind is churning about ditching my current project to do a twinset. Yours look great.

  22. Another nice twinset. I love reading too and mostly non fiction with the odd historical novel thrown in.

  23. This twinset is beautiful.

    I love the look of the cowl neckline outside the cardigan!





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