January 31, 2010


As I mentioned before, I had committed to making three more pairs of pants in January for the Pants Challenge. Well, I only got one pair finished, that's sewing life for you. I finished the wool blend tweed pair last night after a little tweaking, serging each seam, lining, hemming and doing the buttonholes. It was a slow process for some reason, but I am very satisfied with the pants, fit and all. I ended up with only a minute amount of wrinkling on the left side. The pants feel really good wearing and sitting and the lining makes for ease in pulling them on. This is officially my TNT pants pattern now. Although I really do not mine all of my pants being the same style, I think I will give Simplicity 2700 another go just to try and conquer the contoured waistband. (I do hate for something to lick me.)

I took a picture of my hem showing my hem tape. My friend asked me why I use it. I know that it's not absolutely necessary, but I after I've made something that I think is special I like to add this little touch. Yes, nobody knows it's there except me, but that just adds to the specialness - you know what I mean I'm sure.
The jacket and skirt are to follow. I have the jacket about 1/3 finished; at least the shell is sewn together and has been fitted - which is part of the battle. Now for a little tailoring, the collar, the sleeves and lining. Should I shoot for an estimated finish date of next weekend...mmmmmm, we will have to see.

Additionally, just passing this breaking news along....

It is always such a pleasure to know that people find your blog interesting, maybe a little informative and actually enjoy reading it. I received a email from Janome last week announcing not one but two contests that they are running concurrently. The contests are called "Pass It On" and the prizes are FABULOUS! I am thinking of entering! For one of the contests you enter with a younger person and you both win prizes. I have just the younger person in mind too. The contests end March 31st, so there are two whole months to work on it. You can read all of the details at www.janome.com.


  1. I like these pants very much. I've been avoiding pants lately, but winter will come soon and I will start looking for them in my wardrobe. I like the detail of the hem tape and it's good to do something that's special just for you!

  2. Faye, as you know I definitely find your blog enjoyable and informative. I got that email too. I don't feel accomplished enough, and when I think about Easter coming up and needing to make 5 outfits for my grands and two for a friend, i get nervous about thinking about adding anything else to my plate.
    I think you definitely should, though, and I think it is wonderful that you are going to take a younger sewist under your wing to enter with you!!! Lucky person!!!

  3. These pants are beautiful and I understand about the added little extra pieces that make your finished garment uniquely yours! :)

    You have come such a long way with your sewing in the last year. You should really be proud of all that you've accomplished!!!

  4. Your pants are beautiful and fit you perfect. I like your added touch at the hem and I know what you mean :)

    You should enter the contest :)

  5. Your pants are nice. I like the hem tape -- it's your own designer touch.

  6. Love that fabric! The pants look like the fit really well.

  7. Oh, I love little secret inside details! It makes your garment so special. Great pants, lovely fit!

  8. Nice job on those pants, girl! You can always come back to that TNT pattern again and again,and change up the details to make them in different styles.

  9. Those pants looks great, very professional. Do try Simplicity 2700 maybe you can help me with the issues I had with that pattern.

  10. Faye your pants came out nicely. Don't think people don't notice your little touches. The people at your dry cleaners who know you sew always check out the interior of your garments. My lady comments on the interior work as well as the finished garment.

  11. Faye! Your pants fit you perfect and they are beautiful. Great job.

  12. Great pants. Beautiful fabric and a wonderful fit, I love them. You're so right about those little extra touches that make a garment special!

  13. When I was taught how to do french seams last year, the instructor remarked that it is a technique often used in higher priced garments and that when sewing for yourself, it's a nice touch to add. I think that is such a good attitude to have when we're sewing for ourselves. Those extra little touches may not be visible to anyone else, but it's still really nice to have them there all the same. :)

  14. I feel the same way about little touches--I used hem lace in a skirt recently. Not only is it on the inside but it's also covered by the lining. But I know it's there!

  15. LOVE the fabric! I think it fits you perfectly! I bought hem lace, but I'm not sure how to use it. Would you mind explaining? Thanks!

  16. Faye, these are sharp looking pants!

  17. Thanks, Faye, for the tip on the hem lace! I think it's a very lovely addition to a garment even if it's unnoticed by others. I already have some hem lace in my stash. I think I'll use it on my next project. Thanks again!

  18. Girl, you have been crankin' them out. Great pair of pants. Adding the hem tape is a oldie but goodie. I have a drawer full of it. It's a great way to add specialness to your custom made garments.




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