February 20, 2010


I can't believe that I did this long, highly informative post, and then the internet went down and I lost it ALL. Oh well that's about how the sewing week went for me anyway. Last Saturday while working on a quick and dirty knit top and while serging a seam I heard a loud pop - like a needle had broken or something. Tried to change the needles and of course could not get the screws to budge. I had only 20 minutes to get to the repair shop before it closed, only to get there and find out that not only was a needle bent, but it had knocked my lower looper out of alignment. Had to leave it at the repair shop, but thank God I had a backup serger. Came back home to finish working on the top only to decide that it just wasn't working out and it was time to ditch this Frankenstein knit that tore up my serger.

So, then I decided to work on the teal charmusey top to match my suit. Now really, I made my last lined jacket in a week, why did it take me a week to make this top. Sewing just did not go well for me during the past week. I'm just not lasting long enough at night. Once I have supper - IT'S A WRAP!, and there is no longer any use in trying to get any sewing done. That is the way it's gone for me all week. SEWING = NON-PRODUCTIVE.

I knew I shouldn't have gone with the collared version of Vogue 8392, but I did it anyway. Decisions, decisions! I had the dickens of a time getting the collar facing to act right. I finally got it on, but it's a little wonky. But I am not taking it off. I think it will work just fine under a jacket. WILL I USE THIS PATTERN AGAIN? Yes, I probably will. I think it makes for a nice professional looking under a jacket top. However, next time I will use one of the other neckline variations instead.
I did try something new with this top. I removed sleeve ease prior to cutting the fabric because I am SICK AND TIRED of dealing with excessive sleeve ease that results in me having to work out puckers. I used Sandra Betzina "Power Sewing" tip for removing the ease, page 206. This tip references jacket sleeve caps, but I thought I'd take a chance on a blouse sleeve. I think it worked out wonderfully! I removed approximately 3/4" of ease from each sleeve, and it left just the right amount of ease for my sleeve cap. LOOK MOM, NO PUCKERING!, and that makes me happy.

So besides a little wonkyness with my collar the blouse is completed.

Last week I finished the skirt to the matching set. I used my TNT Butterick 4613 straight skirt pattern but added an invisible zipper application that I am so proud of. I probably watched this video tutorial 20 times, because I am DETERMINED this zipper application become second nature to me.I also added a pleated vent to the hem of the skirt rather than the regular vent suggested by the pattern instructions. This picture shows the pleat before removing the basting stitches. We use to call this a kick pleat - is it still called that. Next time I'll add additional pleating to the vent for a fan effect.

So, the suit is a WRAP. And I know, I need to take pictures of me wearing the outfit. I will as soon as possible. It's just so hard finding someone to take the pictures for me. Albeit, here is one that the kids kindly took of me several weeks ago of me wearing my chanel jacket. My main objective in making this jacket was for it to wear and handle like a sweater. I realized that that objective was accomplished when one of the students said "oh Ms. Lewis I love your sweater".

Now, let me find something else to cut...


  1. Gorgeous shimmer on the fabric! What is it? Perfect for the suit.

  2. OOh!! I love everything about it...the fabric ,the colour and the style!

  3. Very nice looking blouse/top. Very elegant looking.

  4. The blouse is gorgeous and I love the color! The zipper looks awesome too!

  5. Your blouse looks great and will be perfect under you suit jacket. I am anxious to see you in it. You look great in your Chanel jacket/sweater.

  6. Ms. Faye you can write your post as long and lenghty as you like. I am very happy to read it, because there is always useful info in it. Like removing excesive ease from the sleeve cap.

    Love the Chanel jacket

  7. Great looking invisible zipper! :))

    The top looks great and I just love your Chanel jacket outfit.

  8. The top you made is a beautiful color! and you can't see any wonkiness in the pic so it must be small...
    Good looking invisible zipper... and wow! your Chanel jacket is just amazing! Great stuff Faye!
    I hope your machine gets well soon :)

  9. I love the jacket. Pink is one of my favorite colors. I think the teal blouse is pretty too. I'm sure you'll get your evening sewing mojo back soon.

  10. I always, always measure my sleeve caplength and compare it to the armsythe before cutting. Im 9 out of 10 cases, I have to reduce sleeve cap length.

    Your teal blouse is very pretty, and so is your Chanel. Nice sewing. Show them who's the boss!

  11. Love that Chanel jacket - the color looks great on you! Nice job on the blouse too.

  12. Your teal blouse is beautiful. It's a really pretty colour and I love the neckline. I think it's great that your students have even noticed what you're wearing, much less commented on it. You must be doing something right!

  13. Love that pale color of the blouse. And you look sensational in your Chanel!

  14. Wow ~ the jacket, the skirt and the blouse! I can't wait to see them all on you. And I totally understand your journey with the invisible zipper...I did that last year and I know you can do this. I no longer break out in hives at the thought of one! *LOL*

    You look great in your Chanel jacket!!!

  15. You look super in your Chanel outfit. And your newer efforts, the skirt and teal top, look like great additions to your wardrobe.

  16. LOVE your Chanel jacket. It fits you beautifully. What a trophy!

  17. You look so lovely in your jacket! It must be wonderful to have completed such a big project.

    I love the blouse and skirt. I had to toss a dress in November because I could not get the neck binding to attach properly. They can be the worst sometimes.

  18. I like the top, the color is very beautiful.

  19. Such a pretty blouse and staring at your zipper application with green eyes... you did an Awesome job. Just watched the video and saved it as a favorite. I will definitely try that on my next zipper project. I recently did a dress and wished my zipper looked as good as yours.

    Your chanel jacket looks great on you.

  20. That jacket is "shut up" gorgeous, it looks great on you, love the top, you pick some awesome colors for your winter wardrobe.

  21. Beautiful top and you did a terrific job with the invisible zipper. Thanks for sharing the link, I have already saved it..

  22. I love the teal top! I think it looks great! The fabric for your skirt is gorgeous, too! Your Chanel jacket is fabulous! Sorry about your serger... hope you get it back soon!

  23. I love your top, and I'm with you on sleeve ease! I hate working out puckers!

  24. Beautiful pieces - all 3 !

    Good luck with the invisible zippers, I'm just learning them myself (2 under my belt now) and will check out that video, thanks.

  25. Thanks for the very instructional link. Otis tutorials are very reliable I think

  26. I agree with Gwen, I always measure my sleeve cap against the armscye and generally I remove ease. Not so much in Burda, but all the others I do.
    A gorgeous top in a difficult fabric.

  27. I love the fabric choice for your Vogue blouse. When I made the blouse, I used the sytle with the ruffle sleeve. It was a fitting nightmare because I was very new to making changes for my arms. In the end, it came out pretty good. I would length the blouse if I decided to make it again.




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