February 23, 2010

TA DA...

I'm just waiting for those kids to say "we're tired of taking your pictures" (lol). But maybe out of 51 students I'll continue to be able to get one of them to do the pointing and shooting for me. I decided to wear my tweed suit before I run out of winter. It was nice not to have to think about what I'd wear to work today. I opted not to wear the teal blouse today but rather choose a favorite oldie but goldie short sleeved velour top from the closet. The suit wore marvelously I must say. I think I need to make the pants a tad bit smaller in the waist and maybe go down a size in the upper chest area of the jacket (but that's all for next time) as I am completely finished with this suit. I'm glad that I decided (after much back and forth and in-decisiveness) to interface the entire body of the jacket rather than just the front, front facing and collar. I think it held up beautifully through the course of the day because of the interfacing. I am such a jacket person and have been for a long time. I love this jacket and will be making this pattern or a style similar to it many more times, but...

I really need to do another style jacket next. I don't think it would be a good idea for me to have just one style, and besides I have several RTW of this style already. I collect almost every jacket pattern that comes out from the Big 4, but have been in love with this pattern since I first laid eyes on it...
I just thought, and still think that is is so classy casual. Well, several months ago I finally bit the bullet and purchased it. When it arrived I pulled it out of the envelope, pursued the instructions and gently place it right back in after finding out that it had 17, yes that's right 17 pattern pieces. NO WONDER IT'S SO DARNED CUTE - HA! Well, this weekend I decided that I still loved it and it was time that I took it for a spin. After all, how hard can an intermediate pattern be? I decided to use a ponte like knit that I've had for a while to make a wearable muslin. To my surprise sewing through all the layers of this knit created when top stitching made working on my beloved Hot Pattern Rivera Boulevard Jacket a sewist's nightmare. I promise you that I really tried to finish this jacket! I work so hard on not having UFO's and find that the only way not to have one is to finish or ditch the project. But alas here sits one...

so close to completion, I think - but yet so far away. Gwen made this jacket from a woven and hers is beautiful. I will try it in a woven later on - I'm still in love with the pattern, but I still have not decided whether I'll keep this jacket. I've promised my sewing friends that I won't put it in file 13 until they get a chance to see it in person. So it will just sit on Lucy until that time - ON PUNISHMENT! (Can you tell I miffed?) In the meantime, I'M MOVING ON...

I made a pair of wool blend cuffed pants during the December/January Pants Sew along. They have just been sitting because I didn't have enough fabric left (as I had planned) to make the matching jacket I wanted. This is a fabric that I got on my New York shopping trip last summer and I have a real attitude because I was trying to buy more and the guy who cut/tore it for me insisted that I didn't need that much to make a suit. I should have said "#$%* it (you know my Mother and Daughter read my blog), I know how much I need, I'm the one buying it, sell me the amount I want"! But Nooooooo, that was on one of my nice days and I listened to him and came up short!!!! {Feels like it's time for a new paragraph}

But, I am DETERMINED to still have a suit from this fabric.

I spent the entire evening last night searching pattern stash and came up with a few options, but after talking with my friend Lisa tonight she mentioned this option (the gold one in the picture)...

(this is not the first time that she's come up with a pattern suggestion for me). So I'm off to grab a bite to eat and then trim this pattern to see if I can MAKE IT FIT my fabric.............


  1. Great outfit! Very much a classic. Great job!

    Rose in SV

  2. Faye, your suit looks beautiful. It is so well made. And, I just am catching up and saw the picture of your Chanel jacket which looks awesome. I love the colors!

  3. I love your suit! What a great idea to interface the entire jacket. Did you double interface where the button holes were and the collar? What kind of interfacing did you use?

  4. You look fabulous...

  5. Your new suit is perfection! And yes, I just hate it too when I take advice that is against my better judgement.

  6. Another stunning jacket! I was going to tease you about your comment about running out of winter,saw you are located in Georgia and then realized-yes you are almost out of winter. LUCKY!!!!!

  7. Faye,
    When you interfaced the jacket body, did you use fusible or sew in? And, did you go to the edges of the piece or stop at the seam line? I hope you don't mind my picking your wonderful sewing brain?


  8. That tweed suit is sharp!! You did an excellent job. What pattern is it?

  9. Very sharp tweed suit!
    I made the Hot Patterns jacket and I wear it all the time. The big difference is that I used a knit without lycra. I think that the lycra in the Ponte would definitely create an issue. I am planning on making it again, but I'd add cut on hems, which I believe that Gwen did for her version.

  10. Great outfit - you look wonderful in it. I really like that Hot Patterns jacket pattern but it definitely sounds like it needs a lot of time and patience!

  11. You look awesome in your suit. I'll just bet that you are a student favorite as a teacher. You have such a great way with people, yes, I can tell that through your blog and your comments!! You are so encouraging to everyone. You are an amazing seamstress so when you say something isn't working I believe you. Your jacket looks fine to me, but I'm not up close and personal with it. That gold version of the jacket on the pattern is really cute. I love those sleeves.

  12. I have faith that you will find a way to fit the jacket on your fabric! Your suit is very sharp.

  13. Awesome suit! Sorry about the Hot Patterns jacket... hopefully you can make it work somehow... I love that style! Good luck with your suit jacket, too! You can do it. ;)

  14. Your suit is very professional looking. Nice job! As for Riveria jacket, I suggest you read Debbie Cook's blog for the changes she made to the pattern. I followed her advice when I made mine. She also has a review on PR.

    The jacket pattern you are considering making runs big, so be sure to measure first!

  15. WOW...You look amazing! Your suit is perfect!

  16. The suit is absolutely fabulous..you did an awesome job!!! I wished I would have interfaced my winter coat...thanks for the tip!

  17. Your outfit is lovely on. The velour top looks great with it and I think you'll find loads of colours can be worn with this jacket and pants. If you're looking for a jacket pattern that helps save fabric, I've found Kwik Sew 3334 is good. I've made this a few times now and I can squeeze a jacket and a short pencil skirt out of just over two metres.

  18. Great suit! I'm sure you'll find the perfect pattern for your fabric.

  19. Looking good in your tweed suit. Lucky you to have 51 students to take pictures. I have one DD. lol Too bad the ponte muslin gave you nightmares. I hope you do make this up. It's a really cute jacket.

  20. Your suit looks great! I hope your UFO learns its lesson during the time-out.

  21. Your suit looks fantastic and classic. You will get many years of wear out of it.

  22. The student who took that pic took a VERY flattering shot of you...that is a beautiful suit and looks fabulous !

  23. Your suit is great! What a shame about the HP jacket! It does look like a nice pattern though and worth persisting with.

  24. Great outfit on you! You are so productive!

  25. San Antonio Sue2/25/2010

    Echoing... the jacket is gorgeous, and you have the shoulders fitting perfectly. It's really easy to end up looking like a football player in that style of jacket, and you avoided it completely! Good job!

  26. Great Suit!

    Good luck fitting pattern to fabric on your next jacket!

  27. You worked it out! This looks fabulous!

  28. You look fabulous in that suit. Beautiful job!! Don't give up on that Hot Patterns jacket yet. I know you'll figure it out. Good luck on figuring out the jacket situation for those pants. You know, you can always make a vest if you have enough fabric.

  29. Your suit is fantastic! Gorgeous work!

  30. Your suit is beautiful - so professinal.
    I like that jacket choice - I hope you have enough fabric!

  31. The suit looks sharp...love it!

  32. great suit. nicely done. u look great. i love the pattern of the gold jacket too. fabulous!

  33. Great looking suit! I think the suggestion for the jacket by your friend Lisa is a good one. Hope you have enough fabric to make it work!

  34. I loooooooooooooove your suit and it looks great on you.

    Hoping that you have enough fabric for the jacket Lisa suggested. What pattern is that I like it a lot.

  35. Faye,
    Your suit looks beautiful on you. The photo reveals how magnificently it has been constructed and what a pleasure it must feel to wear a skillfully fitted and made suite. You are an inspiration!

  36. Lovin' that outfit in the first picture!

    I really need to try Hot Patterns. I hope you like the results with a woven better.

  37. You look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G in your suit! You should be proud! And your next one will be even better because it will have your alterations to it!

    Eyeoh! Carumba! I'm not thrilled to hear that you had some issues with the Riveria jacket. I bought the pattern and thought of using a doubleknit with it too!

  38. Anonymous3/14/2010

    Hi, Your suit is stunning! Regarding the Riveria cardigan - I made mine out of a wool doubleknit. I did the topstitching with a walking foot. I recommend that foot regardless of whether you use a knit or a woven. Good luck and keep us posted!

  39. * Your suit looks beautiful on you. You did such a lovely job on it. :)

    * I'm sorry you're having such a time with that Riviera jacket. I hope you're able to finish it because I think it's looking really good.

    * I'm miffed on your behalf re: the fabric yardage. What a jerk!

    Lastly, I got the Power Sewing book in the mail and I love it. :) I have a post a brewin' about my sewing library and the book will be included in it. Thank you again!!




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