October 5, 2010


Here stands the Lady Gray coat muslin that I posted about almost two weeks ago.

I am actually really ashamed to say that since that time I have come down with a sad case of "Sewing Paralysis". Oh, I've had this dreaded sickness a couple of times in the past, but thank God they were only minor cases that never lasted very long. This malady, caused by a lady (the Lady Gray Coat), I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy!

In the interim I did make another muslin but didn't like it at all - went back to my first one instead. But time ticks on and so does the sew along. I feel as though everyone else is speeding right past me. I did start a post since my last one but didn't publish it. I should have, and named it "I should be sewing, but I'm not" or something similar. What started out looking like such a simple project has turned into FITTING UNIVERSITY. I guess this coat will be my diploma or sheepskin if I may. I've read and re-read all of my fitting books. I've had numerous FITS of protest if you can imagine. For a person who sews as much as I do, I am just totally shocked at my reaction to this project. I love to learn! I was once even profiled "ever learning Faye". Maybe it was my initial quest to create "the perfect little cute purple coat" that got to me.

At any rate, those you who know the word of prayer, PLEASE PRAY FOR ME. I'm off now to enlarge my pattern just a little bit to be able to incorporate an underlining, because temperatures have drastically dropped in Middle Georgia and this light weight wool flannel ain't gonna cut it for very long without one. You will be hearing from me very soon...

P.S. meant to say inner-lining...


  1. Hey, sometimes I just lose total interest in a project and I don't know why. You will bounce back, I'm sure.

  2. Faye: I'm giving you good sewing vibes. If it makes you feel any better, I'm encountering my share of anxiety about everything from buttonhole construction to button hole positioning to size to tailoring etc. I think it's just a matter of plugging on. Each time I have a stress moment, I do something small. Even reading about techniques or Gerties posts or the Tailoring book or the pattern can help to clarify a tiny little thing or two that gets me somewhere next.

    I can relate, is what I mean...

  3. Hmmmm..... several other sewistas have set this pattern aside after muslining it. Maybe your little inner voice is telling you something. Your cute little purple coat might be wishing to look like...ummm...maybe another pattern?

  4. Faye, if this is your muslin, well I can eaily imagine what your next creation will be....wow! I cannot wait to see what you will come up next. Sending you lots of positivity to you!

  5. Don't feel bad. I had a couple of non-sewing related setbacks, and while I've finished my Lady Grey muslin, I've yet to even start cutting it out. It will get done when it gets done.

  6. I agree with another commenter - perhaps you should move onto another project that is calling you, and you'll later be more inspired to come back to the Lady Day. Good luck!

  7. Faye, please do not feel bad. I was ill in September and have let the sew along fall by the wayside. I would love to join you from the beginning in a couple of weeks, if you'd like. I still intend to make the coat, but I am no where near even the muslin stage.


  8. Good girl for muslining this (is that a word?). Follow your gut. I think it looks good, but you have to do what is right.
    In my experience, the muslin doesn't lie!

  9. I agree with Digs. It may not be you. It maybe the pattern. I'm not sewing it but there are other sewists that have put it down. Follow your instincts, there are other patterns.

  10. I have faith in you. You'll make it work one way or another, or if you want, you'll decide not to let it get to you and you'll go on to other more fun projects.

  11. I also haven't worked on my coat since my muslin as well... have just been too busy and it is quite a task... this coat and I hope it will be worth it in the end. I'll be sending you good sewing and fitting vibes as well! We can do it! :)

  12. Sometimes it doesn't hurt to take a break from a project. I've done that (intentionally or not) and when I've gone back to it things just seem to fall into place.

  13. Thanks for sharing your frustration Faye. It's good to know that even experienced sewers get fed up! I agree with the others, if you are out of love with the project, why not give yourself permission to move onto something else?

  14. i hope you get well soon, this time of year can have that effect on you.

  15. Oh no! Don't feel bad. I am a Lady Gray slow-poke, too! Today I am going to post about my 2nd muslin, which still needs some fitting work, too. So, you are in good company at the back of the pack with me. Plus, we will benefit from everyone else's learning experiences.

  16. Take it slow, and work on the coat at your own pace, don't worry about the time frame.

  17. You are too funny. Happens to the best of us and you will come back even better after you've chilled for a bit.

  18. Sometimes it takes walking away from a project to get some clarity. You will be back in full force and rearing to take on the challenge.

  19. Lots of good vibes coming your way m'dear. {{hugs}}

  20. I hope you recover from your malaise soon. I hate when you look forward so much to creating something, and it doesn't go along as expected!

  21. Faye, Lady Grey is sucking my will to live too and I actually think the pattern was pretty good on me to start! See my posts at ejvc.wordpress.com. I mean, increasing the sleeve cap height and rotating the sleeve? Not to mention the London Shrink...

    Anyway, You Are Not Alone.

  22. This has happened to me more often than I care to mention. I have been in sew alongs and never finished the item during the sew along (the coat sew along two years ago comes very vividly to my mind). Don't get too frustrated by not following the time-schedule of a sew along: it's your coat, your time. The information will be there later too. So take your time, do something else now and look at your muslin later and decide then whether you want to make it in real fabric or not.
    Just my 2 cents.

  23. Oh dear! If prayers work you will be back at it in no time. Good luck :)

  24. Faye, I am definitely praying for you! I've been in this spot many times and I'd have to agree with Digs, I'd use your nice purple fabric with another pattern!

  25. Sorry that you are suffering sewing paralysis! I have suffered from it myself!




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