December 27, 2011



 ...couldn't help myself.  That phrase just popped into my spirit when I was standing back looking at the project that I started and completed last night.  Although this symbolism stands for the theological virtues of Faith, Hope & Charity, I think it can also be the title for my projectI can hear myself asking "where in the world did I put Hope, I want to wear her today"...

Now more about this project:  Vogue Pattern Magazine featured a quick and easy tutorial on making infinity or circle scarves in its Oct/Nov 2010 issue (page 10).  I finally got around to making one back in March and really have enjoyed wearing it.  I kept saying that I was going to make more because it adds just the right pop of color to a monochromatic outfit.  And because it has multiple colors I get to wear it with several things in my wardrobe.
My first Infinity Scarf
 Carolyn's recent custom made Christmas gifts encouraged me to get some additional scarves made up.  I was in Hancock's for just a minute on Christmas Eve and took the opportunity of choosing three prints for the project.  Their sheer, chiffoney fabrics were 50% off - of course I couldn't remember how much was needed for a scarf so I just got a yard of each.  Total Cost:  3 yards $11 something.  I jumped right on the project while the motivation was hot.  By the way you only need 2/3 yard of 60" fabric per scarf.

Each scarf can be completed with a serger or machine and a little hand stitching to close the circle in 30/45 minutes tops.
HINT in case your thinking about making this:  Where the tutorial mentions starting and ending the stitching 4 to 6 inches from the ends, decrease to 2 or 3 inches - this makes the amount of hand stitching used to close the opening to a very minimum, or just machine stitch the opening using matching thread.

The Christmas miracle of the whole scenario is - I was able to get not 3 but 6 scarves from 3 yards of fabric having not a scrap left. 
The tutorial suggests cutting the scarf  24", so three of mine were cut at 24" and I used the remaining 12 inches for each additional scarf.  Therefore the scarf can actually be any size you want.

I'm kicking myself now, because if I had thought about doing this earlier - the 3 extra ones could have been used as gifts.  Oh well, another lesson learned.  I'm thinking about putting them back for next Christmas.  A big thanks to Carolyn for the scarf inspiration. 

My next project is forcing myself out of  the sewing room this morning so I can clean the rest of the house...


  1. I'm sure that you have found hope by now (lol). I love the fabric that you used for your scarves. You are so right. A scarf can make an outfit look polished, even if it is simple. I must look for that issue of Vogue Patterns.

  2. Pretty scarves! Glad you had Carolyn's inspiration! And do save the extras, because someone will love them next Christmas.

  3. Anonymous12/16/2012

    Random comment - no need to worry about theological virtue. The song has no religious / symbolic meaning. That's just a 20th Century addition - cute for religion teachers, but not integral to the song. No fear of blasphemy!^^

    Congrats on the collection, and Happy Christmas.



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