May 14, 2012


...Sewing Blog Chaser  [chey-ser] a person enjoys chasing after or pursuing great sewing blogs, (very similar to storm chasers I think).  That's me folks.  I love reading sewing blogs.  I get very excited when I link on to or just happen upon a new to me blog, and into my blog dashboard it goes.  

I was so happy when I discovered my blog's dashboard - it keeps me from checking X-number of blogs per day for updates.  There is only one thing wrong with the dashboard - IT WILL ONLY ALLOW 300 LISTING/SUBSCRIPTIONS.

How do you keep up with your blog readership???
Do you use your blog's dashboard???
Or, do you use Google Reader???

I really don't know very much about Google Reader.  I think it allows you to follow (subscribe to) 1000 blogs???  Am I right?

I think I need a little more blog reader information.  
Are there other Sewing Blog Chasers like me???


  1. Faye, once I discovered google reader it made managing blogs so much easier! On my phone I use the Feedler app. I just haven't figured out how to follow the wordpress blogs all in one place.

  2. Oooh, I am a chaser to the Nth degree...I use google reader. I love the phrase you coined. Here I thought I was the only one...

  3. HI Faye! Another Elle here. I use Bloglovin for following blogs, it is great, you can create your own categories, for instance Fashion, Interior Design, Sewing etc. As far as I know there is no limit. Have a look, you may like it.

  4. I use google reader, and I have quite a few folders in my Feed Settings (Sewing, food, gardening, etc.). I have a long list of blogs I follow, that you can see on the right side of my blog.

  5. I wish I could say I am too because I do love reading sewing blogs. However, I don't have enough time to read all the ones I'd like to...I'd NEVER get any sewing done!

  6. ...almost forgot to answer the question, I just go through the list on my blog. It's easier that way...I use Pattern Review daily feeds to find new blogs.

  7. I started out with a list of blogs on my blog's sidebar. Then it got to lengthy (and I realized I could follow things and read them in my dashboard!!!), so I started using the dashboard on blogger. I filled up my subscriptions/followers in Blogger long ago and had to start using google reader. I guess I just keep evolving! haha. There are lots of nice features on reader. Not sure what the limit is on that one, but I hope I don't ever reach it! I'd never have time for anything else if I had that many blogs to read! I probably have 600 between the two now. Luckily, all those blogs I was following in blogger show up in reader, so I can read them all in one place.

  8. Hi Faye! :) I think I'm kinda "new" still to sewing blogs, and start with having blogroll on my sidebar and I click on them everytime I'm online. I think I also have google reader (which I can't keep up with), but I do keep up with the ones I follow via email tho. But yeah, I do scold myself if I sit and read blogs too much instead of sewing when the little guy is asleep!Need to manage time better.

  9. I'm an information junkie, so I use Google Reader. It helps that I can sort by subject and date.

  10. Faye, I use Blogger Dashboard to keep up. So far, it works very well for me and the amount of reading I have time for.

  11. Yep, I'm a sewing blog chaser, when time permits. Lol And I use google reader to follow my favorites.

  12. You're certainly not alone! Like some others here, I use the blog list on the right side of my blog - whenever I discover a new one, I add it. I've got it set to display from the most recently updated ones and it displays the title and a bit of the post, so I just go through that from time to time and click on the ones that interest me.

  13. Ah, yes, 300 is not big enough for sewing blogs ;). Your blog is a particularly interesting one to read, you make lovely clothes and have great wardrobe building ideas.
    Google reader allows you to follow non blogger blogs too, which I can't seem to convince the dashboard to emulate - possibly this is my lack of skill

  14. Oh, my, I just follow about 40-50 of you lovely bloggers. I use dashboard and find it works just fine for me.

  15. Google reader for me!

  16. More than three hundred!?! I love sewing blogs too and didn't know that so many existed! Please update your blog roll so I can find them;-)

  17. I'm a plus-sized sewing blog chaser, but I also follow a lot of other kinds of blogs and according to google reader, I'm following 1000+

  18. Yes, I'm a blog chaser. I don't have time to read the blogs I already subscribe to, but I still like discovering new ones. I wish I had more time!!!

    PS I use Google Reader too.

  19. I am a blog chaser and use google reader. I prefer it over my dashboard listing. My google reader list includes sewing as well as home diy, crocheting, knitting, crafting.. A great way to stay updated on my favorite blogs.

  20. I use Awasu - a feed reader. The support is great, and I am able to save posts if I want to. Those saved posts can be sorted out by type. It does way more than I even need as I did pay a reasonable fee for my version....however, they also offer a free one. In retrospect, the free one would probably do everything I needed!

  21. Faye, I don't actually have a smart phone, but I have read my blog updates through my android tablet and haven't had issues (though if some were missing, I might not know).




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