December 2, 2012


 "The Reindeer Marketplace Craft Fair"
DATE:  Saturday, December 8th
TIME:  9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
LOCATION:  Houston County Career Academy
                        1313 Cordor Road
                        (Corner of Corder Rd. and Russell Pkwy)
                        Career Academy entrance from Corder
                        Middle Georgia Technical College GED component entrance from Russell

...Happy December every one! Seems like I blinked, and poof - it's here already!  It's been quite a weekend to say the least; but I'm staying calm and moving on!  On top of everything else, I had a little glitch with Picasa's storage limitations as referenced in my last post.  It's still not fully resolved yet, but I did get GOOD answers to my call for help from Lynn and Carolyn re:  picture size and revolving slide shows on my side bar.  In an effort to reset my camera to use less pixels I accidentally deleted my entire memory card.  Oh well...  I'm also sorry to say that I had to remove all slide shows from my side bar, but I guess that has allowed me enough storage space to be able to post pictures here.  Obviously, I definitely need to find out more about how Picasa works in the very near future in order to continue to operate this blog.  I won't go into my other woes here - I'll just say "it could have been worse"... 

Moving on --- you may recall me mentioning that I'll be participating in "The Reindeer Marketplace Craft Fair" at my school next weekend (I'll be so glad when it's over).  I committed last year, but the pressure got to me and I backed out of it.  Being my usual glutton for punishment self, I not only committed again this year, but encouraged two of my friends to participate.  Let me tell you, I've felt like backing out several times this year. I did reach my self imposed quota of scarves:  16 silky print infinity scarves,  12 fur snoods, and 2 big button scarflette neck warmers.  Hope there will be 30 marketplace attendees who feel the need of having fashionable scarves to keep their necks warm and BUY up!  Anyway, thought I'd share photos of the fur scarves I worked on.

What fashionable lady wouldn't want one of these fur beauties to enhance her wardrobe???

If course I'm very eager to get back to my selfish sewing.  Sewing, but not sewing what you really want to sew creates stress in ones life.  Needless to say I've had enough of that for a long while...


  1. So sorry you lost your photos. Technology is great but I do love something in my hand.

  2. Those scarves are lovely!

  3. Faye, I have one more hint for you. Changing the size of your pictures does not reflect on how big you can make them on blogger. So if you want to make them big you can it doesn't take up your storage space, just don't bring them in large.

    The scarves are really great! Did you at least make one for yourself!?!

  4. These fur scarves would be perfect for up in this cold climate. They are beautiful too!

  5. Linda those scarves are hot!! I almost hollered when I saw those!

  6. What's the time and location for this event? I'd like to come.

  7. I love those scarves. I'm going to make one. They look really lovely.

  8. Those fur pieces will fell really good when the extreme cold hits. You sewed up a lot of great pieces for your craft fair.

  9. Best wishes at the market! Sorry to hear about your photo woes--I lost all the photos from the past 3 years on my computer over the summer and it was devastating. You have my sympathy.

  10. OH NO!! I'm so sorry to hear you lost your photos. Good luck at the market. Your scarves are beautiful!

  11. Those scarves look like something I asked put on my Xmas List! How did you know? ;)

  12. GEEZ, Faye! These are so beautiful. Absolutely love those fur scarfs! Having to work with all that flying stuff has to be nerve wrecking, I know! But they are gorgeous and I only wish I could be there to share in the fun you will have.

  13. The fur neck warmers look great and you will quickly sell out. ;-)

  14. Those are beautiful fur scarfs! I bet you sold them both didn't you? I would love to make something like that, it's so pretty!

  15. Congrats for enduring your first craft fair. I did my first one last November at an annual one that my (then) employer hosts. I'm with another employer, they had one, but since I was still fairly new, I decided to skip there's. Now I have an entire year to prepare. :-). Yes, they are very stressful and in hindsight, I should have taken off the day before to better prepare (or at least a half day). Your scarves look great! I can see how sewing for events, others, etc. can be stressful and can potentially take some of the fun out....can't wait to see the "selfish sewing." LOL. :-)

  16. Lovely scarves - especially the fur snoods!




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