August 9, 2014


...hello out there in sewing land.  The sound coming from Faye's Studio lately has been mmmmmm....CRICKETS! Immma have to dust my sewing machine off from lack of use.   I'm not going to cry or complain because of this "lack of sewing motivation" that always seems to hit me near this time EVERY YEAR.  Most times it's  known hit right before the change of seasons - but you know living in Georgia means that summer really lasts at least until the end of September - at least.  Even though there are still weeks of summer weather left, I have to admit that I am soooo longing for Fall/Winter sewing with it's rich colors and heftier fabrics.  My gears are churning though, and I'm storing up lots of sewing possibility ideas in my head.

Usually I'll FIGHT SEW my way through a sewing slump, but not this time.   Guess I've been too busy to do even that.  High school started last Thursday, and needless to say - I'll be building this plane as I fly it as usual!  Praying every day for a good and productive year with these 70 students!

As far as it goes with
I've been so tired by the time it comes on that I've slept right through the ending and had to catch it on On Demand or the internet afterwards!  There's several things I've gleaned from Season 13 thus far:
  • Love, love, love Hedi's coat hanger dress, or what's left of it.

  • Sandhya's two wins - What The What!!!  I think the judges are doing a great job throwing the contestants off - me too, I'm confused!  We certainly don't know what they want or are looking for!  One thing for sure though, they are fast making Sandhya the MOST HATED contestant of the season.
  • It's not good to judge other designers or make negative comments in your little cameo shots.  You just never know when the tables will turn and you'll have to eat your own words.  Common sense.
 On another note, I did get my Skirting the Issue skirts in the mail early this week. 

Hopefully I'll be able to get a pattern cut out and started this weekend, hopefully...


  1. I am sure once the beginning of the school year calms down, your sewing machines well be humming again.

  2. I hear you about the sewing lull. and the heat. Will be hot here in Texas maybe into Oct. Right now I'm sewing kids PJs for the children's shelter, but just in short periods of time. Can't get motivated at all for sewing for myself.

    1. I'll just bet it's hot in Texas too. I'm hearing it's only 85 here today but that can't be right, I was just out for a while and I got drenched - sweat wise. We call it "air you can wear".

  3. Wow, Faye! I never noticed Heidi was wearing coat hangers before you mentioned it!
    I can't figure out the judges fascination with Sandhya either! She does spin a good story for her garments, though. Who will be this season's winner? HHhmmmm....

    I hope you survive your sewing drought and the long hot summer down there. While I am not sewing, I always read about sewing...you can, too! Or just rest....always a great way to rejuvenate the spirit!


    1. Thanks for your comment here! Yeah I'll survive, non-sewing is just a miserable place to be.

  4. Hey Faye, enjoy what is left of your summer and whatever else you got going on. Sewing will come when you are good and ready for it. That is the one thing that is constant about it.

    1. I know it's always best to just go with the sewing flow. It's not getting to me the way it usually does.

  5. Me too - I want to sew fall. I started sewing fall this time last year and I think I'm gonna start again. I want to sew wools and ponte and wool knits badly! Good luck with your students and the school year. I'm sure you will have a wonderful year!

    1. I started sewing Fall in August last year too. Felt good to have several garments ready and waiting when cooler weather finally got here and be ahead of the game for a change.

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  7. I can't get motivated to sew more summer stuff either!! I'm ready to move on!!

    And PR. OOH BUDDY. Sandhya is not my taste and I'm not impressed with anything she does.

  8. I read your post about being stalled - my heart goes out to you too! I share your feelings about Sandhya's designs.

  9. What??? High school already started back up? School doesn't start here til after Labor Day!

    1. Yep, we started on July 31st. Are you having a good time in NYC???

  10. Wow what an early time to start back to school, does that mean a new group of kiddos, when they phase up? My daughter, Kristen is in level Phase 3 out of 4. She is really thriving, so proud of her, I even allow her to do my hair. You are such a great inspiration to the students. I bet you are alot of the students favorite instructor. You will get back to sewing....you have to because I look to you for inspiration my friend....no pressure right. You need some down time. Loving PR this season, have my favs. Who are your fav 3. Take care my friend!

  11. Good luck to you Ms Faye, I'm sure you will get your mojo going soon and we will be waiting!

  12. Hoping your sewing comes back soon!




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