March 15, 2015


...hadn't attended the expo in two years so I decided to go yesterday

Pre-Expo Conversation:
ME:  Ebony PLEESE help me control myself in here so I don't spend too much money because I really need to save my fabric dollars to give to the people at Fine Fabrics.

EBONY:  O.k.; if we get separated and find you need help, just text me your location and I'll come to your rescue.
Sewing Expo Recap:
 - Admission price went up from $10 to $15; not much of a surprise because that is what the price of everything does-goes up
- Nothing against quilts or quilting exhibits - LOVE ME SOME QUILTS, but they really should rename this the Original Quilting Expo cause that's about all there is there
- Really Vogue Fabrics: Yes it did help that you added the EXPRESS SHOPPING racks, but the prices...egad! 
- Purchased Items:  3 new Seam Rippers, 2 retractable tape measures, and 1 Elements Coat Pattern
- A quick swoop through, in and out in about an hour and a half
- The End 

Pre-Fine Fabrics shopping Conversation:
EBONY:  Now, I'm really NOT going to be able to help you in here, cause I REALLY need help in controlling myself.

ME:  Crickets and a sad face!

- If you've never been to Fine (6218 Dawson Boulevard, Norcross, Georgia), please take another strong willed person with you because you will definitely need help controlling your FABRICAHOLIC self
- I must have knocked over a minimum of 5 of those huge rolls of fabric onto adjacent isles during the course of my shopping  NOTE:  please wait for help as shopping in this warehouse environment could be dangerous
-This was my second visit to Fine - jersey knit/pontederoma nirvana I tell you, you will not believe it all
-I WAS able to stay slightly under budget - Praise God!

My fabric haul:
Not much you say!  Well I really consider it a lot taking into consideration that I Still haven't sewn from the haul that I got there last spring.

All in all a great sewing related weekend, even though I didn't sew even one stitch...




  1. Went too that place in December and it was closed!!!!! Its open now??? Or did it move?

    1. Pen elope I think it was in December that they were moving. Took them a minute to reopen. I listed the new address in my post above.

  2. Went too that place in December and it was closed!!!!! Its open now??? Or did it move?

  3. Fine Fabrics is one of those places on my fabric bucket list! So I'm always jealous when I heard about someone's trip there. You did great - not too much - but enough variety to give you some interesting pieces to make.

    1. I understand Carolyn I sort of envious of all of you who live close proximity with the NY garment district too. Fine is a great bucket list item. You wouldn't regret visiting there.

  4. it is very rare that I walk out of any shop that sells fabric empty handed lol! wehn I started moving my fabric to another house I asked myself do I have enough & myself told me no! I & me agree with myself, never! lol!


    1. Yes Helen it's mighty hard to walk away from fabric. I agree with all three of you.

  5. Sounds divine! Nice fabric haul.

  6. Love those fabrics, especially that top one! I wanted to go to the expo when it was in Ft. Worth but didn't make it. I did go to the Dallas Quilt Show this weekend, and wow, quilters have gobs of VERY expensive accessories. I peeped at some of the new fancy Berninas, but when the saleslady asked if I quilted and I said no, I mostly sew clothing, she did not know what to do with that:)

    1. Ahhh Berninas, my dream machine!

  7. Nuce fabric haul, and don't think I would've been able to control myself too.

    1. I'd still like to add a few pieces of nice pant weight gaberdine for the summer in nice colors. They didn't have much of that there.

  8. I'm not sure Ebony has any more control than you do! LOL Great fabrics.

    1. She does really try to help me out.

  9. I love love love Fine Fabrics and visit them each time I visit my oldest daughter in the Atlanta area. I have had to ship my fabric purchases back each time, so Faye, You done good and I have not sewn a fraction of the pieces I purchased in November 2014. So you are definitely not alone. Love the prints you purchased.

  10. Necie I'll bet your choose some really nice pieces.

  11. You are ready for some fun spring clothes!

  12. I went back because you said it was open. And I didn't realize the location moved. there are big signs posted that that place was closed... but it's down the street more.

    That place was amazing... Really amazing. I've been sewing for more than 30 years and I've never seen anything like it

    Thanks for the update




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