September 20, 2015


...I don't mind telling you that I knew absolutely nothing about J. Peterman until I read Sunni's post at AFashionableStitch last September.  That is when I instantly fell madly IN NEED of a plaid winter jacket - and yes, with a Velvet Collar no less.   I even purchased the perfect plaid wool,

and the velvet for the collar last year in anticipation of making a reasonable facsimile of her gorgeous coat.  But, alas, keeping up with my regular sewing, my job and with life, Fall & Winter quickly pass and no plaid coat materialized.

But sleep, and rise, sleep and rise and the Fall & Winter sewing season has come around again.  So this is the year that I'll make this coat appear in my sewing room.  I can just see myself now - get the picture:  Colorful falling leaves on a misty Fall day, Plaid wrapped belted jacket, Black skinny jeans, Black riding boots, Black leather gloves - maybe even a big black blanket scarf if it's a particularly chilly day at an outdoor event; oh yes, Amen.  A look straight out of a Ralph Lauren photo shoot - minus the horse.

In my last post I really actually thought I had picked the very best pattern for the look I want to create. 

But on second thought, (Here's where the whining starts folks!) The short version of this coat has  an oversized lapel/collar.  I really wanted a coat with a standard collar and lapel.  I think I could switch the front and collar around on this pattern well equipped Project Runway pattern to achieve the look I want, but I really don't want to fool around with redrafting - I just want to make my coat. 

Enter this pattern shorten to hip length.  It's loose fitting, has solid one piece front and back pattern pieces, inseam side pockets and the standard collar and lapel.  It's just a box that could border on looking like a bathrobe, and the sleeve is one piece.  I'd much rather have a 2 piece sleeve, and I don't want to make a plaid bathrobe.  Mmmm, so I'm not sure.

Then there's this pattern.
Standard lapel and collar, shoulder princess seams offers fitting opportunities, 2 piece sleeve so I wouldn't need to redraft.  All that's missing from the coat vision is the self belt and that of course is no problem at all.
Bet you didn't know I was so wishy washy when it comes to choosing patterns - or did you?  Any input about the patterns I've listed to achieve my "J. Peterman/Ralph Lauren" vision would be greatly appreciated...


  1. LOL! unfortunately, I cannot help you because I am having the same wishy washy issue with choosing a fabric for my coat.

    1. Oh Alethia I feel for you then. I HATE wishy washyness to the utmost for real. I just can't help myself. I've gone back and forth about the fabric believe it or not. Asking myself will I really wear a PLAID coat all that much. But now I think I'm set on the fabric - plaid it is.

      What pattern are you using for the sew-along?

  2. Hi Faye, I made that Simplicity coat a few years ago and I thought the pattern was perfect. And like you I thought the lapel would be too big but it was just right. Here is a link to my blog post with the final photos http://sunnygalstudio.blogspot.com/2011/01/winter-coat-wrap-up-plus-last-day-to.html. And you can see the previous posts where I made a muslin to test the collar etc. I basically made the same coat as the red version on the pattern envelope. It is such a great basic coat. Good Luck!

    1. Thanks for helping me out Beth. I looked back at your coat and it is gorgeous!

  3. Don't be so hard on yourself Faye, all of us get "wishy washy" at times! I think it just comes with the territory! I think you're right on point with Simplicity 1759! If all you need to do is draft a belt, that sounds like a win win to me
    K. Good luck and can't wait to see it!

    1. Hi Myra! Thanks so much for your input - it really helps to know that I'm not the only wishy washy one out her.

  4. I have all three of these coat patterns and made the animal print version of the first one and love it ( what a well drafted pattern! )and have always wanted to try the lapel collar version but that doesn't help one bit does it.

  5. I think the plaid wool cloth will look amazing with your coat pattern! I have an old wool jacket that I bought years ago and I am dreaming that someday I can get much more confidence to sew my own coat! I look forward to see the finished product!




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