December 5, 2017


...once upon a time I wanted to make a cowl neckline knit top.  I had seen many people make them, but in my experience the necklines were ALWAYS just a bit too low.  Whenever I wore one of them I found myself constantly looking down, and wondering if others were getting the same view.  Not a good look at all.  I just didn't know how to make the pattern adjustment to alleviate the problem.

Determined to find a solution, I Googled upon SEW EVERYTHING BLOG published by Samina Mirza.  (Isn't that an amazing name for a sewing blog?)  Her COWL RAISING post certainly helped me solve my problem - oh yes it did!  There are a gazillion other sewing helps found over at Sew Everything Blog; you can take a look there for yourself... 

Photo by: Brian Campbell Photography

Why Do I Sew?
To clothe myself.  Let me explain: since January, 2010, I have not bought a single ready to wear item. And I like it!  Initially, the reason for pulling back from buying clothes was my huge fabric stash, but after almost eight years, making my own clothes is a habit. I still buy fabric, but with a lot of restraint. The stash, meanwhile, has a few dents in it, but still remains larger than I want it to be. The happiest moments in my sewing life are when I hang a newly made piece of clothing in my closet, the next happiest moment being wearing it for the first time.

Of course, I love the process of sewing because I’m a crafty person, and love “making” things.  (I love making cookies and French baguettes, too).  And --- I love fabric; transforming it into a pretty and useful item makes me happy.

Why Do I Blog?
Because I’m such a show-off; we sewers need others to see what we made.  For me, the added benefit of blogging is a hope that I’ve inspired someone else to take up sewing. I think that the skill of sewing is still under-appreciated, and I’m always thrilled when a new sewer starts to follow my blog.
Also, I’ve found sewing bloggers to be the most generous, kind people in the blogging world. They like to share knowledge, mistakes (so others won’t make them) and sometimes they’ll give away their sewing stuff.  I’ve found very nice bloggers who will add links to other sewing blogs (like you, Faye).   Thank you for spotlighting your fellow sewing bloggers. 

Samina Mirza


  1. Samina sounds wonderful, and like she has a wealth of sewing knowledge! I will check her out!

    1. I am absolutely sure that you will enjoy Samina's blog Vanessa!

  2. Yes, I agree with Vanessa...Samina is a wealth of knowledge! And I think we all like to show off a little too!

    1. Myra I am so glad that Samina shares her information so freely too.



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