December 2, 2018

86 #Decemberbdaysew...

...they saved the best for last - December! There is ALWAYS so very much going on in December:
  • my Mother's birthday (Gift mailed on Tuesday - determined to be on time this year)
  • the end of the semester
  • (TaDa) my birthday!
  • Winter Solstice 
  • Christmas, and
  • New Years Eve
can I cram anything else into this very busy month? - why of course I can!  I've teamed up with Denise Thompson of & @sewlimitless on Instagram
 to doing some selfish birthday sewing (Denise's birthday 12/16 and mine on 12/18).  We'll be posting using #Decemberbdaysew so please check us out during the course of the month.
Today I'm posting New Look 6415, View D sweater that I started in November.

 I had originally intended on making View B - but in my haste cut View D instead. NOTE TO SELF:  Slow Down!  I discovered my mishap while looking at the top on the dressform - the point should have been on the side, not in the middle - I DON'T LIKE POINTS IN THE CENTER!!! - Oh well, I cut those points off and the rest is history shall we say.  I needed something red in my closet.  I sized up  because I thought this fabric lent itself to being a bit oversized.
What does sewing look like for you this month???
I sized up  because I thought this fabric lent itself to being a bit oversized.


  1. I'm pretty sure I comment that your birthday is the same day as my second son Patrick's! It's a great day for sure. I also have my daughter in law's birthday and my oldest daughter's birthday in December.

    I made some Christmas napkins for old friends of mine (8 for each), and I'm going to make a set for my youngest daughter, who is hosting her friends' potluck Christmas party in 2 weeks.

    And I really like your sweater, and understand your disappointment at not having the point in the right place. It's still pretty!

    1. December is one big party for you with all those birthdays in the family Marjie. And you are doing some unselfish sewing for friends that I know will be greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful December my friend!

  2. Okay, I have a sister named Denise whose birthday is Dec. 16th as well!! I look forward to seeing what you and Denise come up with for the month. I really like your top! The color is so pretty! I plan on finishing my jacket for December, and the rest is in the wind, lol!

  3. Ok I’m getting behind again on blog to put it back in my planner! My eldest son’s birthday is Dec 9th. It is a great month! Love your sweater without the point too! This fabric is so gorgeous, it doesn’t matter! Love it!



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