March 10, 2007


I went to Hancock's right after work yesterday (This has become another one of my hobbies lately)...IT WAS PATTERN SALE DAY!!! These are patterns I got for myself...
and these are patterns that I got for my daughter ALONDRA NICOLE (LONI).
I am still trying to learn how to use this Blog thing. There is still so much about it that I don't understand. But I guess like anything else, if I keep trying and just don't give up I am bound to learn what I need to know. I just completed a pair of gauchos/crop pants (sometimes it's hard for me to know the difference) for my Sister Brenda. and I'm including a picture of them in this post (I hope). These are made of a Black Gaberdine that I purchased last fall. Brenda gave me her measurements over the phone, and I did the best I could in making them to what I thought would fit her. Well anyways HOPE THEY FIT....AND IF THEY DO, HOPE SHE LIKES THEM AND ENJOYS WEARING THEM!

This next picture is a pair of cropped pants that I completed for myself a couple of weeks ago. They are made of a Grey light weight wool that I fell in love with. I haven't worn them yet because I don't have the right style boots to go with them and because our weather is changing so fast here. We are experiencing several seasons all in one day. If I dress for the winter in the morning when the temperature is in the mid 20's, by lunch time I'm burning up when its in the mid 70's... it's crazy but what's a girl to do. So I'm dressing in layers and disrobing as the day goes along. I may have to save these for next winter, besides I'm getting Spring Fever really bad now especially with day light savings time starting tonight. I'm tired of dull, dark colors, I want to experience bright, lively colors of spring. This will be easier said than done for me because I tend to gravitate to dark colors (black and navy) safe colors. But I really want to venture out and start using some brighter colors.

I'm having a problem with the placement of my pictures. I can't seem to get them placed right after the text that describes them. I just figured out that I can use the cut and paste options and thats helping a little bit.

Now I have to learn how to use the edit feature for the blot and then I'm on my way...

My next project will be a long sleeved white blouse for my girl Loni. It has wide cuffs and a color. I bought a fabric called dull satin and will be cutting it out from this Burda (#3663) today. I'll also start sewing it today. Maybe I can have it finished to send to her by next weekend.

I've also heard of the S.W.A.P contest that a lot of seamtress' have entered and I've gotten interesting in possibly doing one myself. The contest was started by a fabric company from Canada and started December 1, 2006 and will end on April 1st. It consists of sewing 11 coordinating garments that when put together total something like 48 possible outfits. Sounds like one of the smartest thing I ever heard of.

I also found information about a Mini S.W.A.P that consists of making 6 garments that yield 12 outfits. The Mini Swap sounds more doable for me right now. 12 outfits would do my closet good especially with the season about to change. Maybe I could do two Mini Swaps for 24 that would take me through the entire summer in real style. By the way S.W.A.P. stands for "Sewing With A Plan", and is a whole lot smarter than sewing without one which is what I'm doing now.

I've picked the patterns that I like, now I need to choose three colors and stick with them until I get this thing done. The 11 garment swap consists of: 1 Jacket
4 Bottoms (Pants and or Skirts)
6 Tops
48 Possible Outfits

The 6 garment Mini Swap consists of: 1 Jacket
2 Bottoms (Pants and or Skirts)
3 Tops
12 Possible Outfits
The are rules that apply to the contest, i.e., one garment must be made using a striped, checked, plaid or a print fabric. You are allowed to purchase one garment, and one garment must be made reversible. It's too late for me to enter the contest, but not to late for me to reap the benefits of done one of these swaps. I'm thinking about using one or both of these patterns for my Mini (6 piece) Summer Swap. What do you think???? Well I guess that's enough blogging for today!


  1. Have you started on your"mini swap" yet? I see we have a lot of the same patterns.

  2. Lisa I didn't start the mini swap. But like a crazy person I just joined the Spring/Summer Swap on Pattern Review and it's 11 pieces instead of the 6 I had planned. WHAT WAS I THINKING!!! The Swap is 13 weeks long and I really need the clothes. That averages out to a garment per week. If I pick things that have a simple design and sew every night that I am off work I might be able to pull it off. I work days and Monday through Wednesday nights, so I have Thursday and Friday evenings and Saturday and Sunday for sewing - although sometimes I don't feel like it. Wish me luck! I'm going to start planning it tonight.



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