March 18, 2007

Sewing for My Girl

Just finished this long sleeved blouse with cuffs for "My Girl" Loni. I am learning from each project that I work on and complete. What I learned from this one is:

1. The language in Burda instructions are a little different from patterns instructions for the big 4. This was the first Burda that I ever made, and I did have a little difficulty deciphering the instructions.

2. The fabric that I chose for this blouse was not as suitable as I first thought. I chose a dull satin, and after adding the interfacing the garment was too stiff. Maybe I chose the wrong weight interfacing. The blouse just turned out a little heavier than I thought it would.

3. I think I will make this blouse again using this pattern. Just got to find a lighter weight fabric to make it out of.

Anyway it is finished, and I did learn some things that will help me with the next project.

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