April 28, 2008


I made this short sleeved tee on Friday. I really needed a quick project after working on the jacket. This was only four pieces and I am satisfied enough with the fit enough that I wore it to work today. There is a correction that I will make the next time I use this pattern (a correction necessitated because of an alteration I made to the pattern - I over though the process again). I should have cut a straight 18, but because most tops are so low cut now a days, I thought I could eliminate that by cutting the pattern at a 24 at the neckline - WRONG - that made it sag right in the chest area. I will cut the next one at a straight 18. I lengthened the top at the hem 3", and also at the sleeve length about 2".

I had a G-R-E-A-T time this weekend sewing LISA.
We got together for a trip to Hancocks in my town and traced our first BWOF patterns which was one of my 2008 sewing goals. More information about that adventure still to come. Getting together with her is such a LEARNING EXPERIENCE. She also taught me how to use my tube turner - I was having a dickens of a time with that thing...


  1. Having friends that sew and enjoy getting together is a wonderful thing! Love the fabric you used for your top!

  2. Great fabric and shape for the top! On the sagging issue - it's one of those live and learn things. I can see how this could become an easy TNT pattern after the correction.

  3. Faye, beautiful blouse and what you say, very quick to do. Ah!. I love the impression of the fabric and is doing very well in addition to their appearance. a hug and see you soon. Paco

  4. This short sleeved t shirt looks great. Congratulations for your "strips" matching!!!

  5. A BWOF pattern! They're my favorites! Can't wait to see what you guys do.
    Your top looks good here... pretty fabric!

  6. Glad you enjoyed your time with Lisa, now if only you two lived closer to me...lol. I like the Tee and lovely print. Looking forward to your BWOF completed project.

  7. That's a great tee with a very RTW look!

  8. I love the fabric you chose for your tee. I'm working on my first BWOF pattern right now, too.

  9. Faye - I like the fabric and the tee! Your sewing adventures with Lisa sound like they are such fun!

  10. Faye I love your Lucy jacket. You know we have always called the swing jackets Lucy's because during the time I love Lucy was on the air the swing jackets were what they use to ware.
    You do such good work. I wish I could sew like you but that was not my calling. You are also doing a great job with your new camera. Your pictures are coming out good.
    Keep up the good work sis. Love you your baby sis Patty Ann.

  11. Faye - you left a message on my blog about joining the June Capsule Contest. I'm sorry but I can't sign you up. You have to go to Stitchers Guild and pm Elizabeth (ejvc) and let her know that you want to participate. She is running the contest! There are new prizes associated with the contest so you may want to read about it on Stitchers Guild.

    I hope you join in. This should be fun! Sorry to leave the message here but I didn't see an email for you!




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