April 20, 2008


I had the privledge of spending a wonderful evening with THE ARTIST LISA!, and her daughters at the art gallary on Friday evening. Here's a picture of her standing next to one of her paintings displayed at the gallary (glad I had my camera with me). It was a wonderful experience for me and an enjoyable evening. After the showing we went for coffee/sewing talk and our evening was priceless. I just love talking and sharing with her. She is such an inspiration!
I've also been working on one of my sewing related goals of beefing up my sewing room. I put up this shelfing unit yesterday (I NEED EVERYONE IN BLOGLAND praying with me that this thing stays up on the wall.) I am not a carpenter, but I finally got them up with much agony. So I was able to go FROM THIS:
(Notice the cake tin on the bottom shelf; it belonged to my great-grand mother, Jessie Lee Thomas - I can't bear parting with her button tin so I gave it a place on the shelf.)

The cost of shelving units was complements of my sister Brenda. Thanks again Brenda!

Next I plan on putting up a colorful pegboard that will help me organize my space better by hanging up rulers, scissors and things that I need handy all the time.

I haven't started on my next sewing project yet cause all my time this weekend has been spent on the shelves. But I did make a fabric purchase this weekend - I bought a pink striped pin cord fabric for a pants suit. My next project will be something easy though like a knit tee shirt. Lisa and I have a "SEW-A-LONG" planned for next weekend - more about that later.


  1. Shelves look nice! I'm glad you've had such a nice weekend. Can't wait to hear about y'alls sew-a-long!

  2. Faye .- I am pleased to know that you had a weekend so wonderful. I hope to win his next project in the sewing ..... Best wishes. Paco

  3. The shelves look great! I had a similar system (with wire shelves) in my previous house - it held my fabric stash.

  4. You did a good job on the shelving. Its so nice to have a sewing buddy and glad you enjoyed it. Lisa's art work is beautiful.

  5. Faye those shelves are a godsend!! I some in my kitvhen and the wire onesin my craft room! :)

  6. Wonderful. Glad you had a great time. Lisa is certainly the crafty one. She is an inspiration.

    Blessings on your sewing room make over.



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