July 10, 2008


...to find out about the company called ETCETERA ?
I was lurking around at Artisan's Square and someone posted this link so I thought I'd check it out. I REALLY like it a lot and thought that just in case you hadn't seen it you would like it too. They also have a gorgeous 47 page storyboard with all types of styles pictured (I liked 99% of them - lol). The extensive STORYBOARD can be found here. I think it might help me in planning a SWAP of some type. Artisan's Square has a July sewing capsule going on (an extension of the June one), but even if you didn't participate in the June one you can still join in on this one. I'm still having committal issues, but I think I might try to do a silent capsule since I actually did accidentally end up doing a 4 piece swap in June. So I know it's possible for me to do. I just have to be careful of getting too bogged down in the planning stage and then getting frustrated and not trying to do one at all. Making a four piece capsule would really help me out with back to school outfits for August.

I've got some lovely white fabric that I bought at Walmart last summer that I've been wanting to do something interesting with and maybe this great story board can help spur me along. There's still enough summer left to wear a white outfit. I've got to finish that New Look dress that I started before I went on vacation,

and I've got a black dotted swiss sun dress that I cut out weeks ago that still needs to be sewn from this pattern and didn't start. I haven't sewn anything this week; just been resting, and I started my math class for the summer quarter last night so that will slow me down a bit but I think making four pieces in July is still doable. We will see...


  1. Isn't that the greatest little site?!?!

  2. Faye .- I am impatient for their new projects. Thanks for the ETCETERA website. hugs, Paco

  3. I am excited to see how the new look pattern turns out with the fabric you bought from Gail K's. I know it will be fab. i am really excited to see how the voge dress comes out. That looks hot hot hot.

  4. Obviously you're not the last person to learn about this site because I've only now heard of it thru your post, LOL! Thanks for the link!

  5. I'm so out of the loop--this was so new to me and so cool. Thanks for the link-up. Lots of great ideas there.

  6. Oh wow! Thanks for posting about that site.I think you would do an excellent mini swap.You've been doing accidently all along.C'mon,keep stretching.

  7. Thanks for the FYI on ETCETERA ?.. and you are not the last person, this is the first I've heard of it. If I can do a mini capsule you can too. Just think of it as a garment a week. Looking forward to it.

  8. Personally, I think you can do a mini capsule. My strategy is to plan it out the month before and then sew just one item a weekend. At the end of the month you will have a finished four piece capsule. I know you can do it!




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