July 31, 2008


it's been over two weeks since I last posted. I have missed posting, but did not really have anything sewing related or otherwise that I thought note worthy. But I know how it feels when you regularly check in on favorite blogs and THERE IS NOTHING NEW! Well here's an update, (I still don't know how note worthy this information is). I started my second math class on July 8th and it is kicking butt; and that's all I have to say about that.

My friend Noni (who also sews) called me yesterday telling me that she was at Walmart and they were "GIVING PATTERNS AWAY". I never heard of such a thing - (wonder what Walmart is up to now - discontinuing patterns and fabric at yet another store?), but she asked if I wanted her to pick me up a f
ew - being the patternaholic that I am, of course I said yes. I stopped by her house this afternoon and this is what she gifted me.This one is my favorite of the bunch, and I am so making it right away. I've seen more than a few bloggers make this over the last year or so and although I always liked their finished products, I never bought the pattern for myself. It looks ultra easy and I know I can check plenty of reviews over at Pattern Review.com for advise and or suggestions on making this pattern. I'm not sure which KNIT fabric I'll make it out of but I'm sure I can find something in my tiny stash to still this itch (the itch to make something up) CAUSE YOU KNOW JUST HOW MUCH I LOVE TO SEW KNITS! Hopefully it'll come to life this weekend just in time for back to school next week. Don't we all just love wearing something new!

In other news....I will be starting a new sewing class tomorrow evening. I'M EXCITED! My sewing buddy LISA will be teaching the class for the next 8 weeks at the store she works at. She says we will be starting with a straight skirt, center back zipper and different waistband treatments. The part about the different waistband treatments will really help me because I have problems with waistbands other than just straight ones (especially the contoured two piece ones). I'm hoping to learn lots of new things and fine tune the skills I already have. Got to get up now to look for a straight skirt pattern with a contoured waistband treatment, and to get my sewing stuff ready for tomorrow. You know I WILL KEEP YOU POSTED ON THIS LEARNING OPPORTUNITY...


  1. Well it's nice to see you back. I understand how it is not to post especially during the month of July. Can't wait to see your finished projects from those 'free' patterns!

  2. Welcome back... Walmart and free patterns... I also wonder what's going with that. But nothing beats the fun of getting free patterns, which was very sweeat of Noni. Looking forward to your FO.

  3. Glad to see ya back!
    I have made that pattern you have picked out and love it!



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