July 13, 2008


I finished New Look 6748 last night. Those who know me well know that I name everything, (it's a carryover from a game my siblings and I played when growing up); so the name of this dress is Gail K of course (lol). This is the one and only fabric purchase made on my first visit to Gail's. Wheeee....Gail's prices are nothing to play with. I actually tried to get out of the store without making a purchase, mainly because there was so much there that it overwhelmed me and it's hard for me to make a purchase when there are so many chooses to make. But my "Sister's With Scissors" weren't having that so they helped me make my one selection.

This fabric is a nice knit but has an enormous amount of Lycra content. It was hard to pin, and I had to watch to make sure my stitches were catching because of the strength of the stretchy fabric. The instructions called for two buttonholes that would be used to run a drawstring through a casing, so I decided to do a practice buttonhole first. When I started making the buttonhole the fabric got stuck (and I mean REALLY stuck in the throat plate). I had never removed the throat plate on this machine and was unable to remove because the factory had tightened the screws as if they never wanted them to be removed. I had to make an early morning run to a repair shop (good thing we have one here) to have the fabric removed. Making buttonholes in this fabric was not easy either even though I reinforced with interfacing. Anyway I did get it finished and here is dressform photo of the Gail K.

I stopped at an estate sale yesterday and saw a three drawer cabinet similar to the one I purchased for pattern storage. The price was really cheap, but I couldn't think of a place to put it so didn't buy it. I thought about it again today so went back to the house where the sale was to see if it was still available. Well the sale was over and I guess the people took what wasn't sold yesterday and placed it out for trash. I was able to pick it up for free. (Call me Mrs. Sanford and Son I guess). It was quite dusty so I cleaned it up and now it's full of patterns. I can spread out with room left for upcoming pattern sales (lol)!

I'm a big procrastinator but I have got to get some order going on in the sewing room. I'm thinking about hiring someone just to fold patterns and put them back in their respective envelopes. But in the meantime I need to do this myself. This afternoon I cleaned off the shelf of the closet in the sewing room because I really need a place to put my little stash. Right now it's kept under my cutting table and is a little bit of an eyesore. Here's the start of that process.
LindseyT is back from her sewing expo in Chicago and had some really good information to share. I need to repeat to myself that I don't have to be a perfectionist in my sewing. I need to remember that!


  1. Lovely dress. Looking forward to your modeling pic. Isn't it a beautiful thing when someone's trash become your treasure...lol.

  2. Thanks for the mention! One of my instructors was great with her advice about perfection: "Get over it!!"

  3. Very pretty dress! The fabric, uncooperative as it may have been, is really neat - I love the print!

  4. Your dress looks great! I like the fabric.

  5. Linda what is happening? How come you haven't come by Hancock's to see me. You know I work at the one nearest you, right? Come and see me. You know we have the vogue and mccalls patterns on sale on Thursday , July 17th.

  6. Oh yeah . My email is
    kjej2004@yahoo.com. I apologize for taking so long to get it to you.

  7. Faye .- pretty dress. I understand his complicaiĆ³n to sew elastic tissue .... uhmmm. Ahhh. the sewing room, it sometimes becomes "the cave of Ali-baba," a place full of treasures to order. hugs, Paco

  8. Great dress! I LOVE the fabric!!! Your sewing sisters where right on!
    I'm going to Gails this weekend.. wish me luck! lol!

  9. That dress is great! Definitely worth all the effort.

    And I'm old enough to appreciate your Sanford and Son reference (maybe I shouldn't admit that!). LOL!

  10. Faye, that dress is sooo pretty, gorgeous fabric, yammy!!!!

    10 points to you for that patterncabinet, hate it when people get these plastic things and then just dump them.

    Am preparing a little skirt oriented "press release" on my blog, I'll let you know when it's done, because I know you love skirts, LOL!!!!

  11. I love that you got the drawers for free! :)

    I love the colors of the dress and hey I name things too!

  12. Great looking dress. I see you've been busy with sewing and organizing. This reminds me of something I need to do. lol

  13. Love your Gail K dress. Lovely fabric.




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