October 30, 2008


Soooo after working on several projects that I think took way too much time to complete, I'm focusing on a mini quest to "Sew Quick and Easy" for just a little while at least. To me sewing quick and easy translates into knit projects - especially knit tops. Last weekend I set out to make three new knit tops, but was only able to crank out two. That third new top was still weighing heavy on my mind when I saw Kim with her new top made up from Simplicity 4076 . Seeing her knit top reminded me of the short sleeved version of the pattern I made back in the spring; the fit was really good and I remember thinking that it was so easy and would make a great TNT tee pattern. Sooo I pulled the pattern, laid it out on Tuesday night, and made it up on Wednesday night.

Marking patterns continues to pose a challenge but especially on knit fabrics. My marking pencils and chalk quite often don't show up, or have disappeared when I need them most. My solution, using these page reinforcement circles. It's easy to mark circles, squares and all the other pattern markings, and they are such a time saver too.

The TNT pattern turned into this top with bell sleeves. The simple pattern design was just right for this sequin-like fabric. I think that when the fabric is fancy the design should be simple. Well at least that's what works for me.

This shiny new top was just the thing that I needed to give this suit that I've had for several years an added lift.

I've been trying to get to the weekend - I'm almost there!


  1. Looks great! I like the bell sleeves, and that fabric is sooo pretty.

  2. I like the sleeves on that top, too. I don't work with knits much. I like wearing knit tops and they are quick to sew, but can be a pain to lay out and cut.

  3. Nice tip for marking fabric

  4. I love knit tops!!!
    This one looks great.. the print is pretty and it does brighten up your suit.

  5. Pretty blouse! I like the jacket also.

    You are very productivity at starting and completing your projects. Hopefully, I will learn to do the same oneday.

  6. Your top looks fabulous, Faye. The tip on marking knits is also great - Thanks!

  7. I really like the way you paired your beautiful creations.That is a great tip for knit marking.I'll be using it from now on.

  8. Anonymous11/02/2008

    Thanks for the marking tip. Your top looks great.

    CarlaF-in Atlanta

  9. Ms. Faye, This is one of my favorites too. Your fabric is a great match for this pattern.



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