March 22, 2009


Much like every other working woman, I can't wait to get home on Friday afternoons. It seems that my car just will not go fast enough. This past Friday was no different, and when I got home I came straight to my sewing room. I had started another pair of pants from Simplicity 2700 last Sunday. It seems that 2700 is implanted in my brain because this was actually the third pair that I've made from this pattern. The first pair was a big success, but the second pair was a complete disaster, so much so that it through me into what I'll call a sewing loop. I was just totally flabbergasted over the second pair. Needless to say, I didn't post any pictures of them and I won't go into my mistakes because I really want the whole thing behind me now.

So, on with the show! Because I just had to try another pair I started all over again last Sunday and just worked on them slowly throughout the week. All I had to finish on Friday was the hem. Here they are on a hanger (lol) not at all glamorous I know, but I do have further plans. They are made from what I call a raspberry colored gabardine that has some stretch. I bought six yards (60" wide) over a year ago intending to make a s
uit. Well with Spring in the air I thought now would be a good time to use it for some color. Turns out there is more than enough fabric for pants, a jacket and a skirt. I can't remember how much I paid for it, but I'm sure it was a great purchase for me to get so much.

I picked up these clips at Hancock's when they had the last 50% notion sale because I thought they were interesting. They came from the quilting section and I'm sure are used to hold layers of fabric together. I used them to pin up the hem of my pants before I tried them on to check the length. I am forever scarring myself up with pins when trying things on....they worked great. I think you get about 20 or 25 in a package.

(finished pants on a hanger)

I wanted to make a "SIMPLE" jacket to match the pants so I chose this Butterick pattern because of the limited number of pattern pieces (10 pieces). "BUT" I am already thinking about taking the jacket to another level.

This is the jacket muslin that I worked up on Saturday.

I actually took the muslin further than I needed to for fitting by doing the patch pocket with flap for the front. I wanted to make sure I liked the pocket before I put it on my actual garment. I'm really not feeling the pockets and I'm thinking about doing a double welt treatment instead. Having never done one I'M SCARED. I want to just jump right in and do it, but I think I'd better at least do a trial run on some scraps first. I'll let you know how that turns out...........


  1. I loooove the color of these pants. I can't wait to see the whole suit! Good luck on the pockets too. Part of the fun of sewing is trying things you have never done before. (I keep telling myself that, although I often get caught up in using easy patterns that I have made before. You will be my inspiration to try something new and scary.)

  2. Faye, you're really my pants hero. After I can get some basic pants to fit will I want to tackle Simplicity 2700 -- your first pair really sold me!

    Sounds like you had an amazingly productive week and weekend! :)

    Thanks for your sweet comment about the pants sew-along(-ish) today. You're a blessing.

  3. Smart move to test the pockets on the muslin! Do not be afraid of welts, just take your time, measure accurately and make a few samples. My guess is you'll wonder why you waited so long :)) Welt pockets will look so stylish on your jacket.

  4. That's a beautiful spring color. Welt pockets, like bound buttonholes, always need a test run in the fabric you're working on, before making one on your garment. Good luck.

  5. Love the pant color. I think you should go for the welt pocket, it will really jazz up the jacket. They're not hard but you just have to be really precise. I found another tutorial that did them different I'll try to find the link again. Good Luck.

  6. Oh, I do like the colour of your fabric! Add the welt pocket. I got over my fear last year and now I use them whenever I can. I even do bound buttonholes in preference to machine made on some garments. Drag out a pile of scraps and just practice, practice, practice. I agree with Birgitte, you'll wonder why you waited so long! You know you can do it and when you've got it mastered you'll find that suddenly you're looking at patterns you may have shied away from in the past. Good luck, I really am looking forward to seeing this suit on you.

  7. Faye, those jacket is beautiful, even still a muslin. I cant wait to see the actual jacket. With or without the pocket, i think it will look great! :)

  8. Muslin is the best to practice on. It's why most designers use it to decide their pattern. They also do it in half size to save fabric and when they get the design to look like they want they blow it up and use other fabric. I would wear your muslin jacket - it's looking good!
    Like everything in life, the first time you do something it sometimes can be hard but that's the fun about sewing. You just keep getting better.
    Your pants came out great! You did a good job..enjoy wearing them.

  9. dang - posted before i wanted to... happens to the best of us :)

    Great idea with the clips. They look like hair clips. I wore them all the time when I was a kid. I have clips that do the same thing that are 4 inches long for measuring. I've had them probably 30 years and use them all the time.

  10. Be brave and tackle that welt pocket. I'll be right behind of these days.

  11. Faye .- do you have to test the welt pocket. You see my latest tutorial, it's easy. You can, sure. ahhh ... the color of the fabric is amazing, really, I love it.

    hugs, Paco

  12. I agree the pants are a lovely color and think the welt pockets would look great on the jacket. I try to avoid patch pockets, they tend to add bulk at my hips that I don't

    I also use those clips, but for wrapping my hair...haha, but thanks for the tip. I definitely could use them for hemming.

  13. I love those pants. But what is an FO?

  14. Anonymous3/25/2009

    I love your pants. My pants need help--they go from too big to too small...I will love to have a sloper! My pants are large in the front crotch...need to read up on how to correct!

  15. Your muslin looks wonderful. Go for the welt pockets! Once you make them you will be so thrilled that you'll be making them on all your jackets :)
    (I now pretty much always make bound buttonholes on my jackets.)

  16. I have a DVD you can use to help you along with the welt pocket.It's like having an instructor in the room with you. Those pants look nice. That color is beautiful and will make a gorgeous suit.

  17. Great idea on using the quilting clips. I have some from my previous, but brief, quilting project. When I'm fitting, I am forever getting stabbed by my pins. Now, if I can remember where I stored those clips. Probably in a safe place...yet to be found. ;)



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