March 9, 2009


I had such a wonderful weekend; one that I had anticipated for a long time. I attended the annual Sewing and Quilting Expo with my two sewing buddies - Lisa and Ebony of course. We took off on Friday afternoon and made quite a night of it. We had even planned on getting some sewing in, but it didn't happen for me because after an extremely hectic work week and the good meal we had that night I was done for, and was only able to enjoy the great company I was in.

We were up bright and early on Saturday Morning and off to the Expo. We were shuttled from the lot to the convention hall and here's pictures of Ebony and Lisa
all settled in for the short ride.

As soon as we entered the building to register, we heard someone calling our names. It turned out to be fellow blogger Carla F. from Atlanta who was embarking on yet her third day at the expo. She was still excited, and started filling us in on the classes she had taken thus far. We grabbed a few pictures - and Carla even though we never got to see you again, we knew you were having a great time.

NOTE TO CARLA F.: I still can't post on your blog, but found out it's because I can't get logged into Wordpress. Don't know what the problem is there, but I'll keep trying.

The first thing we did was watch a fashion show sponsored by the independent pattern companies that were there at the expo. They featured over 70 designs and we had ringside seats to get a good look at everything. It was a nice preview of the patterns that were available. After the fashion show we had time for a quick preview of the vendors before we were off to take our first class.

My first class was with Cynthia Guffey on Pants: pockets and zippers. I really liked this lady's teaching style. I learned a few more helpful hints for inserting a front fly zipper and for inserting slant pockets successfully in a pair of pants. She also gave us visual information on welt pockets. The hour just flew by, but now I can't wait to take another one of her classes.

My second class was 7 Habits for Highly Successful Sewing. This class was primarily on the rules of fitting.

After attending the two classes the rest of the afternoon was spent looking and touching. I did get:
  • three independent patterns (although I had said I wasn't going to buy any) he he!
  • a June Tailor Board
  • a custom made sleeve board complete with the pad and cover
  • three cuts of fabric from Vouge Fabrics
  • double tracing wheel
  • a ham holder
  • and an edge foot for my Janome machine.
Here's a picture of my little haul - I'm kicking the sewing room up another knotch. The other three cuts of fabric came from our trip to Joann's while there, cause we don't have one in our area.

Need I say, I really had a great time. I really wish we could do something like this at least every three months.

P.S. I didn't win a sewing machine again this year. Not that I really need one, I just want the experience of winning one (lol)!

NOTE TO BRENDA FROM ALABAMA: I kept looking for you there!


  1. i like your blog.welcome to my blog

  2. I spent four days at an Expo and took every Cynthia Guffey class that I could...it was amazing how just those four days changed my sewing! I hope you enjoyed the class and glad that you guys had such a good time at the Expo!

  3. I had such a great time that i did not even want to cut my wristband off. Man- I think I must have that silhouettes patern.

  4. I probably live close to Atlanta than you do, at least as close. Next time there's to be a sewing expo there let me know! I would love to meet you and enjoy a sewing weekend!

  5. I'm jealous. Our yearly sewing expo is at the end of September. I never miss it and I have a drawer in my sewing room that I try to stash $50 a month end so that when the time comes I'll be monied-up and ready!

  6. Wow! I'm jealous, too. The Expo sounds wonderful. I can't wait to attend one in my area.

  7. Faye, thanks for your vacation wishes. We had a wonderful time. It would be a hoot to go on a weekend like you did! I'll keep my eyes open. Montana is far from your neck of the woods, so I'll have to see what's available here.

  8. I went to the Expo as well and really enjoyed myself!

  9. Dito - also jealous! What a great expo.

  10. It looks like a wonderful time. Don't feel bad about not winning the sewing machine. I've never won anything! Enjoy your new patterns and toys!

  11. You are going to love having that June Taylor board, and oh, a double tracing wheel and an edge foot...what a great haul! And each one absolutely necessary :)

  12. Great new toys :) You will enjoy them all I'm sure. Your fabrics look great. It would be so nice to go to an Expo!

  13. I'm so glad you got to go! Hopefully I'll get to drop in next year!

  14. It makes me happy seeing all of you enjoying your sewing moments! Life is good. And new toys too. Lucky girl.

  15. I would really love to take a class on fly fronts! Jealous!

  16. I am soooo jealous of you guys. I am glad you had a great time.

  17. OMG, I am jealous, but I am glad u had such a great time. I have been wanting to go to an Sewing Expo.

  18. I really enjoyed our getaway and I'm planning another one soon.3 months sounds about right.LOL

  19. I live in Atlanta and I missed it. I found out about it the week of and couldn't work it into the schedule. Let me know the next time you are in town.

  20. The expo sounds great! It won't be near me until November, I can't wait. Glad you all had a great time!

  21. I'm so envious. In Australia we only have one Stitch and Craft Expo a year. I hope to get to Brisbane this year. It's a two hour drive from where I live. I live in the country and I don't know anyone who sews at all, so I'd be going alone, which is nowhere near as fun as when you share it with others! I guess that's why I find this online sewing community so important.

  22. Faye, I live about 2 - 2 1/2 hours from Atlanta on the north side. So, I guess you are closer, but not too much. I'm half Georgian. My dad's family is all from there originally. I lived there for a little while as a child. Go Dawgs (at least when they aren't playing the VOLS)

  23. What a fabulous weekend you had. I am so keeping my eyes open for one in New York.

  24. You are so lucky! We never get things like this in the NYC area.

  25. Faye, I am so glad you went to the Expo and shared your experience. I wish I had had the $$$ to go with you, it would have been my first. However, since they come every year to the same spot, I am marking my calendar for next year. I am also putting a reminder on my calendar to save money throughout the year so that I will have a stash by registration. Good haul. I will keep in touch.

  26. Oh how fun! I've attended many a sewing expo and always come away with a lot of inspiration as well as new fun sewing stuff to play with.

  27. Oh..., What fun! The haul looks good too.

  28. ahhh .. Faye .- another reunion with the girls and I as always, I've lost. maybe next time.

  29. Sounds like a fun and productive trip. Man, I need somemore crafty buds to travel with!




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