April 22, 2009


HELP YA'LL....................
I need to issue an A.P.B pattern alert! My morphing project is not going as well as expected. Hate it when things play out perfectly in my mind, but then reality throws me a curve ball!

Trena suggested that I try Burda Magazi
ne's February 2008 issue for a pattern for my Speigel knock-off blouse, which is almost an exact replica. I checked BWOF's archive but they only offer back issues in German and that won't help. I checked Ebay and didn't see that issue for sale there. Does any one out there have that issue that they would be willing to sell?... maybe at a price lower than the cost of the blouse (lol).


Maybe this OOP Butterick pattern #4996 that has a blouse of a similar style?
When I get a particular style stuck in my head it is so hard to get it out.


  1. If I had the magazine I'd put it i the mail tomorrow, but the only one I have is 3/09. Good luck finding it.

  2. Oh man. I hate that! Good luck finding the burda mag. (I have no doubt that you will be able to find one.)

  3. Sorry, I don't have one. But surely someone out there does.....

  4. Why don't you use the Hilary Duff, I think it would be great on it's own, wouldn't change the armholes even, I'd make about 2 cm pleats, three before CF and three after, make them in one direction or coming to meet in the CF and if needing more width in the hemarea then maybe drawing new sideseamline flaring towards the hem but don't go overboard, it's not supposed to be a tent.... also remember to check out that you have enough fabric, especially if you're planning to make the nectie from bias.

    I'd prolly make a quick and dirty from the Duffy and check out how roomy it is and using the width of that pattern as a quide, sorry it came out so long, HTH,
    you can e-mail me if you want:

  5. Did you contact GLP in Jersey? They are the distributors Burda here in the states.

  6. Hey! I have that copy and don't see anything else in it I want to make...
    if you're still looking for it email me your address.

  7. Oh no, Faye - problems but it sounds like Angelia can help. I hope all this works out for you.
    BTW - new Greys tonight! I hope you don't miss it. I told you wrong last week.

  8. Sounds like Angelia's got you covered, but if she can't send it to you I'll trace the pattern for you in your size and send it to you with a photocopy of the directions.

  9. Talk about sweet! I have enjoyed getting to know you though this blogging so much. I do hope that sometime we can actually meet.

  10. Wow, I didn't know Burda offered back issues in German. How do I get these? I have a German brother in law who lives 1/2 km down the road from me and another German friend who makes her living as a translator. I'm happy to buy the issue and have it translated if that helps you. I've had no luck getting this issue in Australia and I've been trying all week long.

  11. HI Faye,
    I think I have that issue but you already have it covered. Actually, the German Issue isn't too bad. You might be surprised just how much you'll be able to understand, especially since you sew enough already! If I don't understand something I run it through babblefish and then I get it.

  12. this is so fun. I love all the helpful comments!

  13. I thought this top looked familiar, while looking for something else I came across Butterick 6878, I'ts similar to your top. I don't know how old this pattern is but hopefully you can find it.

    Good luck!

  14. Faye .- I have this magazine, in Spanish, of course. If you want I can send a copy of the pattern. Happy Sunday, Paco

  15. What about McCall's 5586? It has the pleating detail and a neckline that could potentially be adapted for tying.

  16. Sorry I wasn't able to help, but glad Angelia came to the rescue.

  17. Faye I live a block away from the Burda's office in New Jersey. Send me an e-mail if you want me to inquire about the availability of the Feb 08 issues. I am going to check my magazines, I think I may have the Feb 08 issue

  18. Anonymous4/29/2009

    Hello Faye
    if nothing else helps .try to get the german issue and then go to
    www.hobbyschneiderin.net (no this is not a spam) it's a very friendly german sewing forum where a lot of people speaks english . They certainly will be glad to help...I could try also if you want




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