April 7, 2009


I've had an obsessive love of books since childhood . It's a family thing; me, my Mother, daughter and now my granddaughter all suffer from this wonderful disorder. We all LOVE books! Through the years my book obsession has jumped from one subject to another: Gardening, Cooking (I'm still obsessed with cookbooks) Decorating, Quilting, and now I'm back to Sewing books again. I am a firm believer that something can be learned from any book you pick up.

I am currently reviewing "Singer Perfect Plus" by Kathleen Cheetham.

This book comes fully equipped with 4 patterns that can be used to make over 50 garments that mix and match and are all designed for plus sized women. It also contains information on color and fabric selection that I think is very valuable. This book will really help me on my quest of creating a cohesive wardrobe; meaning one where I can just walk up to the closet and pull out clothes that not only match in color but also fit well and be off on my way to work. The book is crammed full of good information and sewing techniques.

Over and over my blog proves to be a great source that keeps me on track with what I should be doing on my sewing projects. Here's the "To Do" list I created for the in my last post for the jacket I'm working on:

. tweek fit in back princess seams (DONE)
. sew up sides and sleeve using 1" seam allowance (should have made the jacket a size smaller. (DONE)
. attach shoulder pads (DONE)
. attach lining to front facing incorporating piping (HAVING SECOND THOUGHTS ABOUT THE PIPING) (DONE - ELIMINATED PIPING)
. attach lining/front facing to jacket (DONE)
. insert sleeve lining (DONE)
. work buttonholes in front and sew on buttons (DONE)
. hem sleeves and jacket (DONE)

I've only got 5 more areas to complete. An overwhelming sense of accomplishment is sweeping over me - it feels good!


  1. Thank you for posting about the book. I do think blogging helps keep us focused. It's good to document what we do, share with others so they can learn as well, and helps us seek out time to sew, that we may blog. It's a circle, you see.

  2. I have that book...bought it after it was recommended on The Sewing Divas blog. I didn't read it from cover to cover...more like skimmed it but I liked what I saw and would really like to use the patterns included some day...but then again I say that about the amazing collection of BWOF magazines I have too! *LOL*

  3. Anonymous4/07/2009

    Hi Faye. You asked me what the pattern was for my white jacket.It's
    McCalls 5329 Sorry I don't know haw to answer QUESTIONS ON MY BLOG..

  4. I don't want to post my to do list because then I might be obligated to finish it...

  5. Interesting book, which would be a great source of how to mix match garments and colors.

    Isn't that sense of overwhelming accomplish such a good feeling.

  6. I love books, too. I don't have many sewing related ones, but I'm working on it. I've just added piping to the lining of a jacket and I've done it a few times before. I really like the added interest it gives. I sew the piping onto the facing first, then attach the lining. I recently read somewhere (and of course I can't remember where) about a suggestion to sew the facing to the lining first and then stitch that (with the lining) to the jacket. Of course, if your jacket has self facings this won't work. I haven't tried this method yet but I think I will as it seems a little easier to me. Looking forward to seeing how your jacket turns out! Have a safe and happy Easter.

  7. Next to sewing - I love to read! I read about 2-3 hours a day mostly online. The only books I get to read are while I'm in the pickup line at school. I don't have many sewing books - don't really know why. Most of the books I buy are about politics or spirituality.

    I love you made a to do list for your project...puts a big smile on my face. I make a lot of list to keep me inline and sane. It's the only way to get everything done.

    I hope you have a most wonderful Easter! {{Big hugs}} Enjoy your moments with your family!

  8. I use to think I would get rich with an invention for water proof books. I assumed EVERYONE read in the shower! lol.



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