April 16, 2009


It is so nice to have sewing friends to bounce ideas off, gather ideas from, and be inspired by. I just could not make up my mind what pattern to use for the blouse I need for my new raspberry suit. Lisa came to my rescue and described a top that would really highlight and dress up the suit. So with her description I set out to find my pattern. When the Speigel catalog came today - I found an exact replica of the vision she had placed in my head.....
I am soooo loving this blouse! But even searching all nine; that's right nine pattern drawers (but they are small drawers) did not produce a suitable pattern. However,....I was able to come up with two patterns that I think can be morphed together for the look I want.

My plan is to use the Hillary Duff pattern as the base for the project because it already has the band collar with the tie. I'm thinking that I'll need to cut right down the middle of the front to add enough ease for the gentle pleats of the Speigel blouse rather than use the gathers of the Duff pattern. Rather than use a sleeve, I'll incorporate the racer sleeveline from the McCalls 5336. Lisa suggests that I first make a QUICK AND DIRTY muslin to try out my ideas.

I am really excited about the project, especially the morphing part. Can you tell I've been reading Carolyn's TNT pattern process? This, for me, is taking a risk, stepping out of my comfort zone once again...BUT, IT'S A GOOD THING!

P.S. Don't you just hate it when they don't put those little small line drawings on the outside of the pattern envelope?


  1. Heeey!!! I just found your blog because...well...you have like all my buttons and ur totally reppin' my bloggy right now! I am AMAZED at your talent and excited to see all your stuff!

  2. Very interesting, can't wait to see the results. I think your fabric will really make this blouse pop.

  3. This blouse will be a good learning experience. And yes, a muslin is necessary when you're playing around with patterns. Good luck.

  4. This is going to be a fun project for you. It's not too difficult and will be fun to "design" your own pattern from the two. It doesn't matter if you use muslin - sometimes I just use cheap like an old bed sheet. Another thing I use when I teach people to make their own patterns using other patterns is the roll of paper they use at the doctors office for the beds. (you can pick it up at a medical supply store) It's almost like tracing paper. You can lay it on top of your pattern to get the things you want from it.
    This outfit you've been working on is going to be beautiful and the blouse is going to "top" it off :)
    (hugs4u) Have fun sewing!

  5. What a beautiful blouse! Your plan to combine the patterns sounds spot-on. Good luck! I'm sure the results will be stunning.

  6. That's going to be gorgeous!

    I can't recall if you subscribe to BWOF--if you have an archive, 02-2008-119 is a pretty good match, you'd just have to add more width in the front for the pleats.

  7. You'll have fun with this, morphing is a great way to understand patterns better. And, yes: I too want the line drawing right there. It's where I first look in the BWOF issues.

  8. This is the shape I have been looking for! I want something with a tie at the neck and this style has all the feminine lines I was looking for. The inspiration just got passed on another step!

  9. I love that blouse too. I have some fabric that would be perfect for it. I love to morph patterns. I do it all the time. I didn't know what to call it. Thanks for your comment. I ordered the book that Gwen suggested. I hope it answers lots of my questions.

  10. What a great project. I'm sure you will enjoy re-designing a pattern and make it your own.

  11. The blose is so beautiful, you will surely enjoy combining the patterns and I can't wait to seeing the outcome. have fun with it.

  12. Love that style of a blouse! I made a similar one last year using Vogue 8032 (now OOP but available on their site) but it doesn't have the shoulder coverage - you know, to cover the bra strap. If you can find it, it might be an easier starting pattern to re-design.

  13. perfect choice, Faye. I have a Hilary Duff pattern (Ann sent me). Still not done, but I think it's a fantastic style. The mixture of the two patterns, give you a special model, sure.

    take care, Paco

  14. I like the blouse that you are creating. Will be waiting with bated breath!

  15. This is a neat idea. Good luck!!

  16. Exciting new project. Morphing is a great idea.

  17. ooooh, it's very pretty. I definetly think it's going to be a good match.

    Happy sewing,

  18. I want one too!
    Cut the neck tie on the bias, it will be gorgeous! Good luck.

  19. I love love love that blouse and think you will have a blast knocking it off. I hope you can find a similar fabric because that pattern would like dynamite with your new suit.




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