May 10, 2009


Yesterday I met up in Augusta with Brenda from Brenda's Sewing Nook . She generously gifted me an official cutting table for my sewing room. Brenda is from upstate Alabama and I met up with her to pick up the table. I don't have it up yet, so I will take pictures of it to show when I do. Thank you again Brenda, your kindness will not be forgotten!

We both had our cameras with us and wanted to take a picture together so we asked a lady that we saw if she would help us out. This lady turned out to be a real photographer and had us posing all over the parking lot where met up. It was really funny. She was instructing us on how to pose and everything. In the end we even took a picture of her (lol).

Here's a picture of my final Burda top, the one I made to match my lavender pants suit. With this top, the project that I started in March by making the pants is finally finished. For this top I lengthened the pattern just a bit, cut it a bit wider for an A-lined effect, and self lined it because the fabric was so transparent. This makes my third try with a Burda Pattern. I think it turned out really nice, and I will be wearing the whole outfit to work tomorrow.

So, it's time to move on to another project. I've got so much that I want to sew that it's hard to know where to start next, but I'm sure something will come to mind real soon. So on with more easy, breezy summer sewing.................


  1. Thank you for sharing your pictures. I "love" your expressions in the first picture, you look like you are having so much fun and getting along
    awesome :)
    Your top turned out fantastic too!

  2. Enjoy the cutting table! I need one. I use the kitchen counter--accident waiting to happen! I love the pics too.

  3. The top is just lovely! And what fun you seemed to be having!Luck you.

  4. The photographs are great. What a kind lady to take so many. How nice to meet up with a blogger friend. Your blouse looks fantastic!

  5. Lucky you! Looks like you were having a fantastic day.

  6. I love those photos! So cute, and so lucky to have a professional photographer to capture the moment!

  7. OK now that's funny how she made you pose. I'm loving it you both are enjoying yourself so much! What great pics. I can't wait for the day when I get to meet you in person. You're one special woman who deserves a nice gift like a cutting table. Enjoy your new outfit! You did an amazing job on it - and learned a lot too!

  8. Those pictures are adorable. What a lucky chance of fate. What a nice lady to take time out of her day to take such lovely photos. Your top turned out great. It looks so cute.

  9. Your pictures are great, looks like you both had fun. I love the yellow you were wearing, yellow's one of my favorite summer colors. Enjoy your cutting table, that was very nice of her.

  10. Oh, Faye, those pictures are wonderful! Thank you so much for offering to trace the Burda pattern for me. I'm waiting on a response from Burda to see if I can buy a German language copy and if I can't get one I might just take you up on this offer. I love the way your blouse turned out. The fabric is perfect for the style and I really can't wait to see the whole outfit together. I've told you before how envious I am that you have sewing friends in close proximity. I might just have to move countries!

  11. You guys were really into it lol. Cute pics and I love, love, love the blouse, awesome.

  12. You are such a great buddy to so many bloggers. This is why you deserved the blogger buddy award so much. Hope you'll pass it on. My Macon cousins are coming in for a visit soon.

  13. Those pictures are so cute! She really knew what she was doing. Love the new top.

  14. It's so good to meet a fellow blogger in person and in your case, you get the added blessing of a table. Yes, your colors look nice and the pictures turned out really nice. :-)

  15. Hi Faye ..- yes, the lady was an experienced photographer. you are very beautiful in the photos. Brenda is a very generous offer to the cutting table. I am glad.

    Happy sewing

  16. You two are adorable together. Lucky you to have such a good photographer!

    Love that sunshine yellow outfit on you too.

  17. I love the top you made! The fabric is just gorgeous!

    Congrats on the table!!

  18. i love the fabrics, the exceptional printed materials you use. It's exciting to see how they compliment the patterns.
    thanks for sharing!




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