October 25, 2009


Look at the nice surprise I received in the mail yesterday from my good friend Paco in Barcelona! A complete surprise - and what wonderful fall styles - THANK YOU PACO!

Well, let's see. Here's an update on what's been going on with me during the past week. First of all I spent Friday afternoon, evening and night (8 full hours) - not sewing like I wanted to, but working on my online class in order to free up Saturday for sewing with my pals, Ebony and Lisa of course. I'm am determined to:
  • finish this class prior to December 16th;

  • finish my Chanel Jacket within the challenge deadline;

  • and get on with some serious fall sewing.

I was so busy with work and homework this week that I hadn't touched my jacket since last Saturday's all day sewing marathon. So my friends and I had a early Saturday evening dinner, had our show and tell session, and then preceeded to sew for about 6 hours straight. Quite progressive, but I still did a lot of work on the jacket today.

I did get my sleeves in yesterday, and guess what?, they match with the jacket front and back. I was so afraid that they wouldn't match. Could it be...that I have finally learned to match stripes/checks/plaids?

I don't know about all of you, but I cannot make this thing work! I've tried several times to no avail. I'll try again later, but in the meantime,

I learned of this magnificent technique in a post from Cindy at Color by Number. So sim1ple! So useful! I'm in love with this and will be using it A LOT! THANKS FOR SHARING CINDY! I used her technique to make the bias tape from my jacket lining fabric. Worked like a charm! So I enclosed the sleeve cap seam with my beautiful bias tape. Learning to make the bias tape for this jacket also helped me accomplish one of the goals that I had set for this year.

I had to hem the sleeves because I forgot to bag them according the the Thread's Magazine article. Can we all say "LOTS OF HAND STITCHING". Now all that is left to do is to attach the trim and add the chain at the hem.

I had to decide on the placement for the trim; I think I like this placement best. And then decide how much of the trim to use, and where to place it. I really like the jacket and the trim, but I don't want to chance making it look gaudy. I'm thinking about placing the trim down the front, the neck area, and the faux pocket flaps only. Traditionally the trim is also placed on the sleeve and the bottom hem of the jacket, but I don't know. WHAT DO YOU THINK???

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now...


  1. OMG, your jacket is absolutely beautiful, waoh waoh, what a terrific job, please what method did you use cutting the plaid? I am so much afraid to try plaid , I have never made anything in plaid before, you did a fantastic job matching every point. I can't wait to seeing you in this jacket.

  2. You are doing such a beautiful job on this jacket. It is GORGEOUS!!!! I can't wait to see it complete and you strutting your stuff in it.

    I like the way you have the trim on the jacket right now. It doesn't look like it too much. I wouldn't do the sleeves or the bottom of the jacket in the trim.

  3. Your jacket is so "YOU" Beautiful, sophisticated, classy, etc......
    I agree that the trim is perfect around the neck, down the front,and on the pockets, only.

  4. P.S. How in the world did you match those sleeves so perfectly? That is impossible in my book.

  5. Beautiful. I haven't forgotten about you. I promise I'm going to the post office tomorrow!

  6. Your jacket is looking great! I am very impressed by how you matched the plaids. I am still working (hard) on that skill.

  7. it looks great, you are going to be so proud when its done, can't wait to see it

  8. it looks fantastic! :-)

  9. That is a very beautiful jacket. It will always be in style and you'll be wearing it for many years. Timeless.

  10. Your jacket is beautiful. What a wonderful job you did. And what a great surprise to get that patrones in the mail. I really want to look into those one day, I hear lovely things about those patterns...

  11. Faye,
    Your jacket is looking good. You're doing a great job so far.

  12. Beautiful jacket! I dont think it would be too gaudy if you added the trim on the bottom and sleeves, too, but it looks good the way it is, too. Thanks for the bias tape tip!!

  13. It is looking fabulous! I love my bias tape maker. The key is to get the iron right up next to it and move them together in a smooth fashion. However, it's easiest in cooperative fabric (of course)--it was not so great in the poly crepe (ugh) I used for my Halloween costume.

    Go with your instinct on the trims--you'll be very happy you did.

  14. That jacket shows a lot of hard work and determination. It looks fabulous. I like the trim the way you have it on the mannequin and would use it on the pockets and let the jacket as whole speak for itself.

    I am sure it will say I am Fabulous...lol

  15. That jacket is gorgeous, great job.

  16. Faye, your jacket is looking lovely and I'm impressed with your pattern matching. I have some bias makers and I can never get them to work either, so don't feel bad. I'm going to check the link you've recommended and try that. So far, I've just cut strips, folded them in half and pressed and then folded each side into the middle and pressed. Low tech, but it seems to work.

  17. That jacket is going to be so beautiful - can't wait to see it finished!

  18. Anonymous10/27/2009

    Faye, your jacket is sooo beautiful.I like the trim the way it is. This is a labor of love.I can't wait to see you wear it.It has been a pleasure watching each stept you took to make it. I knew it would be beautiful.
    Love and hugs Mom.

  19. Faye I finally made it to the post office. Added a little something extra.

  20. Beautiful Faye. Thanks for posting the link to the bias tape tip. I think you were having difficulty because of the brand bias tape maker you have. The Clover ones work much better - I tossed all of my others out years ago because they were so frustrating.

  21. Light at the end of the tunnel - seriously that should be a torch! lol. Your work is phenomenal so far. Great job. The handwork will be worth it in the end, for sure.




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